Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kucheng Trip Pt. 4

Hello hello.....

How is everyone doin'? Weekend is coming, so, what is the plan?

I am tapping this from a cyber cafe near to my house. Flatmates gone flying, I am left all alone again. Sigh....
Nevertheless, it won't be a long one. I am off for a shuttle flight duty tomorrow followed by a work trip to Singapore over the weekend. Any zachba readers from SIN keen to meet up this Saturday night? Perhaps we can go for a partay in town? Ha

Anyway, I have been actively involved in this facebook thingy past few days. So peeps, feel free to add me through my e-mail. Almost everyone at work have an account, so tak nice pulak rasenye kalau aku sorang yang takde.

And last but not least, this is the final part of my so-called report of my first trip to Kucheng. May I refresh your mind, I was lucky to made it with a batch boy. Yet, neither we felt like strangers to wander around even though we were virgins to the city.

Kucing or Kuching literally means cat in Malay. So like I mentioned earlier, we may expect lots of anything cats in the city. Like this one.

And this one.

And guess who I met during my stay there?

I met with Faizal who was my roomie for 5 years when I was in Melaka. He is now working in the city for a gov-linked company. What a small world.

Both of the photos above were taken at the Riverfront

After a looong day, F and I decided to return to the hotel for a nap (and a bath in a hot tub).

I also managed to do this thing.

Kan ke takde keje namenye tu. After a long kira², I bought almost 300 postcards in Kucheng alone which prolly cost me around RM 300, maybe?

Later, we went for a dinner at a cafe located close by to the hotel called Khatulistiwa.

Funny thing was we actually planned to have our dinner at another cafe, called Rajah Brooke Cafe. The cafe looks cosy during our walk earlier in the day.

But later we found out they secure this candle-lite dinner concept which later I asked F,
'Are you sure to eat here? We both are wearing the same black T, tak ke nampak macam gay couple kita makan 2 orang?'
And F gave me that empty look which I understand la the meaning.

Why la nampak cemas?

We killed the time at the crew lounge after dinner.

And stupidly played this game.

Really, aku x tau main scrabble. Neither was F. Betul ke main dia camtu?

OK OK....dah la takat tu. Kekerengan idea.

U know u love me, xoxo


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