Friday, July 31, 2009

Viva La Hem Hem Yuu ~

Dear Diary,


Weekend is approaching. I am very impatient for the weekdays to over. I am craving for a good night sleep and maximum rest, and a bit of shopping too. Past 4 days had been real crazy , so many things to do in a very little time.

Anyway, I am now sipping my latte while awaiting flatmate to wake up and leave for the flying school together.

Oh, not to forget that I am so in graduation mood this week, so, I have compiled 10 photos that I think will bestly describe my final years in university.
How I miss my student life very much...~

Final exam paper at MMU.

Eu....MMUians, do u know this Mr. Nbhan? The Egyptian lecturer who bagi lecture yang tunggang langgang! Nasib baik tak repeat paper ni!

Swear to God this is one of the toughest paper in IT.

Opps sorry, exam mode was there as you may see. No time to check grooming and all like now. Ha! And I was a bit big too at that time.

Close friends, those who are sill in touch with me.

Final club meeting held at Holiday Inn, Melaka.

Taken during an event that organized by us the trainees at Arkib Negara. Did I tell you that I did my internship there?
Keje dengan makcik² you all!

......and you certainly don't want to know where this was. year without going to the Prom Night? No way!

And o yeah, I was nominated for the Prom King, Top 3 Best Dressed Male and what else?

I miss you faculty mates, uni mates, Melaka, MMU, Shima Catering, MMU gym, JJ Melaka, Tesco Melaka, RSU/RSI, U Centre.....yada yada


Rojak Mesia


Just a quick update!

My leave for coming Monday has been approved, so, yes I will be attending my Convocation Day. Sad thing is, only ma and pa who can make it this Monday which I doubt aku akan dapat bunga nanti. The rest cannot make it due to work-reasons.
How pathetic is that? Convocation Day without flowers?! It is like a Bday without a cake (or at least a cupcake!). So, people....please dump me flowers, fresh flowers! And below are the details of the event just in case you would like to come and celebrate with me.

Date: 10 Aug 2009 (Monday)
Time: 8-12pm
Venue: Grand Hall, Multimedia University Cyberjaya
Faculty: FIST

I am now attending the Airbus class. Aiyo....everyday pon pening! Really, when I don't understand something, I just really don't bukan pretend² paham and everyday pon I blur. How so?

Anyway, some of the pics taken recently ;)

My second visit to Manukan Island. Visit this to read more.

My fav. (Shave the pits and you'll feel zillion times better)

Trip to Melaka is not complete without a ride on Bas Wira (or Bas Tuah)

My first attempt to eat Japanese food. It was so so laaah...nothing great pon yang orang gile² sangat kat Japanese food.

....nothing great pon abes jugak! Kate bayar mahal kan....kene la abeskan. Haha

Ordered room service, like always.

U know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Batavia/Betawi/Djakarta/Jakarta Trip


It is sunny outside. Me, enjoying the beginning of the day with a cuppa while connecting myself online. How is it going, so far? And how was the weekend?

I have just returned to KL from a 4 days trip to Sarawak, to Miri and Sibu. I enjoyed my trip a lot ;)

Did you remember about my trip to Jakarta 2 weeks ago? Yeah, the one during the bombing. Well now I am reporting to you about it.

The trip started early in the morning.
Being a crew, it is a must for each of us to check who are the pilots of the flight(s) we are doing. As I jotted down the name of the pilots, I soon realized that this particular name seemed very familiar to me. The person remained 'unidentified' until I met him.

And voila~ I was very surprised to know that the co-pilot (First Officer--just 1 step to become a Captain) was my batchmate at Bukit Bintang (BBBS)!

We chatted a bit, and he has been flying since 5 years ago which means he attended the flying school as soon as he (we) finished the SPM, before joining the airline. And I still remember, I was in the top class at BBBS and he was in the 4th (kelas yang agak lembap student²nye since we only had 6 classes per batch), by the ranking.

And that day, I was far below him in the aircraft by job ranking. First being the pilots followed by the cabin crew. And he prolly earning like.......I don't know, RM 15-20K maybe? 10 times higher than me, a graduate from a university? Ha!
I am far from whining. You see, my point here is, life is really like a roda, kan? Today you are on top, and the other day..... well nobody knows, heh.

OK enough of him.

Later, I soon discovered that I was actually in the right place, and on the right time when it happened that the plane that carried the Manchester United (MU) team, had just landed into the airport. Oh, never that I forget to bring my camera to my flights. And below are the photos. Click to enlarge.

Sir Fergie.

The ginger man. Ah I forgot his name.

Can you see Ryan Giggs there? ;)

Owen and Rooney.
Seriously Rooney nampak fugly kat TV and newspaper. Tapi bile tengok dekat, macam good looking pulak.

Lagi satu nama tak dapat dikenalpasti berdiri depan skali.

As you may see, I was standing at the wrong place. I should have gone to the front part of the escalator. Sighh........

And hey, during my transit, I also had the opportunity to catch my bestie at university, Naz before he flying off to Melbourne later that day. I did tell you this before, heh? He was on a 9-hour transit at KLIA.
The timing was so kena for everything that day la.

Really la Naz, x bole blah la your sunglass. Yang lain takde ke?

And later, I flew off to Jakarta. Yeay!

As soon as we reached there, the 2 pilots and I went out for makan². The rest of the cabin crew couldn't be bothered to join us, tak selamat (not safe outside), as they said.

And we headed to Senayan Mall, a very upscale mall in town, just like KLCC with the difference that they only have all-Ground Floor-shops-in-KLCC at Senayan.

Ape kau penah makan nasik berharga 58,000?

Then we pusing²ed around the mall.

To my surprise, the captain who is in late 40's to early 50's was a kaki shopping. He was wearing a black Hugo jeans with nicely tucked-in YSL polo t-shirt. O yeah, he looks like Dato' Rahim Razali somehow.

Frankly speaking, I CANNOT AFFORD a thing from Senayan Mall. So, me and the co-pilot followed the Captain around where the Captain soon realized that the place does not suit my budget and says this
'Kat situ ada Sogo, kamu boleh pergi situ'
O MY LORD.....How insulted I feel to hear that!!

I know la gaji pilot berpuluh kali ganda banyak dari cabin crew, tapi takda la sampai aku shopping Sogo. Aku bukan la menghina cakap Sogo tu low class, in fact I still remembered I used to shop there when I was very little but now, aku pon ada jugak taste.
And taste aku yang pastinya bukan kat Sogo.

Nonetheless, I still followed the Captain to Sogo!

And guess what? I was so wrong. The Sogo in Jakarta is a lot better than the Sogo in KL in terms of retail offerings. They have wider choice, and advance stock-ins e.g some of the 2(x)ist underwear there are still unavailable in anywhere in KL!

We then split-ed up. I went to Kinokuniya to grab some stuffs and the 2 pilots went somewhere.
We decided to meet at a point after an hour.

And haaa! Later that I saw the Captain was happily holding a Canali paper bag when we meet! So jealous!

By the way, we were put in a very luxurious 5 star hotel namely Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta.
I perhaps may say that it looooooks rather grander to be called a 5 star, prolly I should say it's a 6 star hotel, really! You may ask other crew, if you don't believe me ;)
Tak salah kalau nak samakan hotel tu sama macam Palace of Golden Horses kat KL.

Pelik kan cara orang Indon kawen.

One of the hotel lobby.

En route to Jakarta, I met another celebrity on board. She was attending the Anugerah Planet Muzik.

It's Yuna, habibi. Ala....Yuna yang ala² Betty Abas tu, tapi version yang chun lagi la :p

These are among the items that I bought from Kinokuniya Jakarta.

RM 300 worth of postcards.

Sorry for the long writings.

U know u love me, xoxo

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Wishlist

I might have said that I won't be attending my convocation day before.

But, can I still change my mind? Yes......

I went to Melaka last week, and, everything for the convocation had been settled--outstanding fees, robe rental, graduation clearance et cetera.

Now, I am praying hard to God that the trainer at the flying school will be kind enough to approve my off day request to attend the ceremony.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Makan² at Bubba Gum

Dear Diary,

It's good to be home. I ought to have a well-deserved rest after running (flying) around. Nothing much planned for the weekend (since I am poorer by RM 7933.37 yesterday). Ha!

Anyway, it is confirmed. August roster is out and I am going for the Airbus class earlier next month. I kinda look forward for the class actually.

Hey, have you heard the Bubba Gump restaurant before?

Well, few colleagues and I got the chance to eat aka 'food-tasting' there just recently. It was attended by

Z & Z

and Sang and Me ;)

Everyone. Lavish spread on the table. Hmm..

May I recommend to you that it is rather wiser and cheaper to order the set than a la cart, as what we did.

By a la cart, ones need to spend at least RM 80 for the menu but we only paid roughly (I am old enough to remember the exact figures) RM 53 for a 5-course menu! And that is what I called a good bargain. kiasu, neh?

The course started with the garden salad.

The portion was big enough for 2! After all, this is an American chain restaurant. So, everything here is by American size/portion!

Then followed by the garlic breads. Served on newspaper printed paper. Kool!

And I ordered this one. Beef ribs. OMG, yet another huge portion. It was meant for couples I guess. Oh, now I realized my visit to the restaurant was wasted by ordering this. Should've tried the shrimps, kan?

And, the desert. Chocolate cookies and vanilla ice-cream served in the glass.

And this is my tummy after laying my a$$ off in the chair in less than an hour.

Really, it was so worthwhile (for those yang pelahap) to eat here, despite rude waitress that served us.

As soon as we settled, things then washed down with hot bev (c/t).

Actually, I myself could not finish the whole set so...

I tapau'ed!

The restaurant ambiance were excellent. They successfully created the American mood. You know, country songs, the decos and all. Seating arrangements great. Bottomless soft drinks.

Just one drawback, the crew were less attentive (wah....ayat sejak jadi crew ni). We had to ask them to refill our drinks constantly and actually, we were given the dessert first!

That was really ODD!

Nevertheless, we had a great time there still.

U know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Stup*d Policies

Dear Diary,

I am back in KL. And tomorrow I'm off to the Southern part of Malaysia to run some errands. Needles to say, I am feeling very worn out now.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to Manukan Island in Kota Kinabalu. That was my second visit to the island, in less than a month, for the sake of me longing for a beach holiday. I was there alone ;)

But there were 2 incidents happened along the way that really annoyed me.
  1. Upon my arrival to the jetty, I went straight to the ticketing counter. There were numorous boat operators selling tickets (alas sharing the same boats). I went to Counter B, and the fella at the counter asks me 'How many person?' and I replied just me alone. And he says 'We dont sell single ticket, we only sell tickets to visitors in even numbers'. WTF???
  2. So to say I was pissed, I then approached the next counter. OK, they do take single visitor, and after paying the ticket, the counter girl says 'Pick up time from the island is at 2 pm'. WTH is happening to these people??

None of such stupid incidents happen to me on my first visit. The point is, suka hati aku la nak balik pukul berapa! They do have pick ups from the island every hour and why on earth did you bother to ask me to come back early? The weather was so good, simply perfect for me to leave the island early. No explainations given.....I was fckin clueless.

For God's sake, Sabah Tourism Board, do something about this!

Monday, July 20, 2009



Thanks to the Almighty. I am safely back in KL despite the Jakarta bombing. It was really crazy!
And tomorrow I am off for a work trip, quite a long one.

Will update more later ;)

U know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Quick updates.

  1. I'm off to Jakarta for the weekend. Can't wait. Nothing much planned. But keen to do some shopping, and party a bit ;)
  2. My bestie, Naz, will be flying off to Melbourne this Friday for his PhD. Good luck, buddy. See you in MEL soon, insyaAllah. I wish I can send you off to the airport.
  3. I've made my decision. I will not be attending my Convocation Day.
Happy weekend, peeps~

Monday, July 06, 2009


Fellow readers,


I am just not sure how can I explain this to you.

I received an SMS last night from a friend saying that my name is in the Convo List this year. (pls dont ask me how on earth can I not be aware of this).

I did check the online system, it is true. Yes, my name is in the list. OK, I was happy.

Then I realized that the Convocation Day will be on the 10th of August, which means in less than a month from this date.

So, I went to the Rostering Department this afternoon, just to check if I can appeal for my Convo leave since the black out date to apply leave for next month is June 30....err..which was 2 weeks ago!

And guess what? I am rostered for the Airbus Conversion Class from 3-24 August, and I just cannot take leave in that period! I cannot believe that!

So, how now? Don't you feel headache, hearthache if you were in my shoes!!!

OK, not that I like to use vulgar words here, but sh*t....I am sooo fckin not in the mood for anything now.

**Can somebody please give me a gun now!

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Greetings, and Happy Weekend everyone,

How is the Saturday going on so far?
As for me, I am 'blessed' with an off day today. I was in Bali yesterday and off to Sin city down south tomorrow evening.

Anyway, has anyone who reads this been to Kau-diva Cafe in town? Opps.....I mean Godiva (pronounced Go-dai-vuh) cafe? FYI, it is the only branch in the SE Asia and is the second after the one in Taiwan. Good, heh?

I was there with a friend, F, last week. It was our first time there.

It was so embarrassing that we went straight to counter thinking that the concept is similar to the other cafes in town like Starbucks and Coffee Bean where self-service is required. The truth is, the waiter will come to your table and take the order....

And that day, F did order this...

Raspberry Chocolate shake

.....and I had this one

Decadent Dark Choc shake.....arghh....heavenly!

And as for the side orders, F had this one

Well, I can't really remember the name but it was divinely scorching.....

And for those who don't know, F was my flatmate for 5 years during our uni years in Melaka. This is him.

We all siap denga the waiter cakap...."mesti they all ni baru ade duit lebih ni...tu yang makan sini siap nak amik gamba nih".....haha. Kidding.

And I had this one.

Pistachio Macaroon

Haaa........2 thumbs upm for this green burger!

And later I went to my fav boutique nearby. What do u think of this outfit? I soo wanted to buy this one.

But I ain't sure the idea since I believe that I will look like walking eye shadow palette in town. What do u say?

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mamutik & Manukan Island Trip


I am simply exhausted now. Last night was spent in Sibu and tomorrow I am off to Bali for work. This would be my very first duty flight to the island.

Speaking of island, I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit Mamutik and Manukan island, both in Sabah.

They are both located just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

A visit to the city is not complete without going to these islands. Ha!
From KK town, proceed to Jesselton Jetty, that takes roughly 10 mins by taxi. I was fortunate enough that the hotel I stayed at located nearby to the jetty. So, I walked there ;)

And the boat fare vary to the number of the island we want to visit. Like my case, I visited 2 islands so the fare was RM 23 per pax, which means it will be slightly cheaper if I visit one.

Ah....don't forget the tax too. I used my student card, so I paid half.

I went to the island with someone.

And she is no other than my batchmate at MAS Flying Academy, Sang Nina.

The first island we visited was the Manukan island.

The water was so clear. I can even see Nemo half way to the island.

And I must remind you, all visitors need to pay another tax/fee upon arrival(?). do I explain this now. The whole expenses was 'cheap' but 'not cheap'.

We then looked for a shady place as soon as we got our feet on the island. Nina did not join me for a splash though since she left her bikini back in KL (pandai aku cover)

Aiyoo.....I made a mistake, I should have brought my snorkeling gear. I rented the set and wasted RM 20 for it.

Later, we moved to Mamutik island. I like Mamutik to Manukan since the beach is longer and less dead coral near to the shore.

Muke keriangan

OK OK, it was so hot and my face was soooo burnt.
Being a crew, I need to take care of my asset
la kan, that is my skin. Thanks to Biotherm.

Later, we discovered this.

And what a visit to the beach without having a Cornetto. Comel tak? Ha ha

We returned to the mainland after another couple of hours on the beach.

Before walking back to the hotel, I decided to make a detour to the souvenir shops at the Jetty for the postcards ;)

And later stopped by at the hotel bar for a drink before I snoozed off to la la land.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: Very the mengan......zzzZZZZZZZZ....


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