Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kisah Seorang Teman

Dear Diary,

I nak share something dengan you. About a friend.

I dah kenal lama dengan this fella. Tapi tak nak la cakap siapa si polan tu. Tak tau la how to start and where to begin. Tapi yang sure, it is a pain in the ass punye kawan.

I make it to the point la, dia ni jenis yang prolly boleh dipanggil self-centred, or maybe attention seeker.
Susah to explain la. I wish I can find the right words to describe everything.

But as a friend, aku tak sangat rasa 'a friend' to this particular people. Dia akan carik aku bila susah, and neglect aku bila senang.
Bila kita nak share some gossips or hot stories dengan dia, be cerita pasal diri sendiri, or work related or apa², dia buat² la busy, buat² SMS orang lain, buat tak tau.
Bila time dia....dia will make sure we give 110% attention kat ape dia nak cakap.

I mean, what sort of friend yang buat camtu. Acting like a diva or the like.

Sampai satu tahap ni, paling kritikal, aku tanya something yang aku tau dia tau, and dia cakap tak tau. Big pretender, heh?

OK this may sound a bit kanak² tapi that is what friends is all about la kan, sharing and be able to listen. I have had enough of these kind of dramas. Bersepah orang macam ni. Kan?

Anyway, no name/clue was mentioned here. So, sapa makan cili, dia lah yang terasa pedas. Oppss....

Moga² kau sedar, wahai 'teman'.

Aku dah bosan nak melayan kerenah kau.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Please click on the above photo to enlarge.

How sad?! My God, this would be the very first time I will be away from the family during that special day.
And I have not even tell mom about this :(

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((

Friday, June 12, 2009

Makan² at Pavilion

Dear Diary,

Good day. It's a lovely Thursday afternoon. Good weather outside. And I will be flying off to Kota Bharu this evening. It will be my first lay over in the city so, Renaissance I come! ;)

I will meet a good ol' friend of mine there tonight, Naz, whom I was talking about in previous entry. He will depart for Melbourne next week. The timing is just right, heh?
(tapi bukankah Melbie banyak kes H1N1 and gov dah forbid local travellers from going to the city?)

Anyway, speaking of friend, I have a not-s0-nice story to tell lah about this so-called friend. Will tell more next time. Come to think of it, memang benci.

But heck, let's talk about makan² this time, OK?

Yes, I makan²ed at Food Republic, Pavilion this time.

Just how much I hate to admit this, but Pavilion has the nicest food court that one can ever see in KL. It is spacey, lots of varieties and the foods are so affordable (and big portion too!).

Just look at the photo below. A set of Thai Laksa with Sweet Mango and Sticky Rice came at RM 11.90 only. Ha!

I love the dessert, but the Laksa seemed like missing something. Less 'Umph' which I still don't know what.

Later that day, I makan²ed at J.Co Donut. I was so craving for the donuts, and just I takde kaki to tag along. To eat donut alone mana lah fun, so nasib baik ada makhluk Tuhan ni. Thanks babe temankan :)

And surprisingly this time, there was no one q'ing for their famous donuts. Perhaps it was during office hours?

And yeah, I loved the Baby Donuts very much!

Ouh....deliciously scorching.

U know u love me, xoxo

Lagi² Men's Health

Dear All,

Don't be jealous. Luck is on my side. I won a contest again ;)

The love letter

And the winning prize.

Even though it is merely a small gift, at least my hard work pays off. You know, cutting off the magazine paper, sticking the tongue on the back of the stamp, walking to the post office et cetera et cetera..

I am still happy.

Dear Men's Health... you are my bff ;)

U know u love me, xoxo

Back To Legoland

Short Note:

This shyt thing happened last Friday. Can you imagine, my wallet was stolen during Friday prayer last week? Both of my flatmates were not at home so I went to the mosque alone. And I brought along my wallet, since I was planning to have my lunch after the prayer. During the second sujud, just before tahiyat akhir, I felt there was something in between my kelangkang. Haha! Yes, it might sound funny but when I got up for my tahiyat, I found that my ever beloved Cerruti wallet went missing. Oh shuck! Then I realized that the person who was performing the preyer next to me 'went missing' as well. Luckily la sempat nak bagi salam.....if I bangun, mmg la nampak smayang main². Since I still nampak the guy macam tergesa² going out of the mosque, I kejar la.....dapat tarik baju dia! Ha....kene cepok skali. F*cK! I just don't know from where on earth I got the strength to bantai the fella.

He was holding my wallet. I asked him to return the wallet. He did. I make fuss about it. I yelled at the fella in front of the mosque la kan.....tak la sampai mencarut since it happened dlm rumah Tuhan, and I just sujud kat Dia.

Guess what? There were zillions of other prayers surrounding us by the time I got my wallet.
Memikirkan pick up early after the prayer, I left the fella with a warning. And I guess the fella kene cepuk lagi dengan other people when I left him. Serve you right!

Orang kan, kalo nak buat jahat, kat Masjid pon boleh......time sujud pulak tu. Dahsyat!


Dear Diary,

I went to Suria KLCC the other week, and came across this Legoland event. Wow wow wow!

Taj Mahal

The Pyramid of Mexico.

Petronas Twin Tower.

Macchu Picchu.

The Colosseum

....and the ever famous ruins of Petra in Jordan.

Oh boi, I didnt know that we could 'build' all these by Lego?


This is the meal I usually have during night stop (when I am away for work).

Room service is expensive and me being me, I usually am too lazy to walk to local eateries. So, best option is to tapau from either KFC, McD or Burger King. Ha!
You know... those American chain (fast food) restaurants.

Very healthy, neh?

Anyway, malas is lazy in Malay.

ps: cross fingers I will be gumok in less than 15 months

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

*B Night Out ;)

Hey hey Diary,

Been long. Finally dapat jugak cuti....walaupon sehari. Was in Jakarta over the weekend. I am off to Krung Thep tomorrow. It is the old name of Bangkok, just in case if you dont already know ;). Followed by a trip to Labuan on the day after, and it will be my first trip to the island so I am very much loooking forward to it. Yeeha!

How are you all doing? And how was the weekend? Mine was so-so...... Nahh.....boring!

Anyway, I managed to catch up some old friends for a drink at the Laundry Bar last Thursday. Gile kan? I mean sane people only go out on the weekend, right?

It was attended by 3 other uni mates, and they are non other than these crime partners, my favorite ones actually....

Seth yang maha comeil....

Juli (gadis dari Indonesia) dan Sara (yang dulunya bertudung litup ala² ustazah sekolah Maahad)

It was a fun night. I must tell you it wasss loooong that I tak keluar malam like this. I think last buat camtu masa kat Melaka dulu ;)

Long Island for Seth and Summer Breeze for me :x

....and of course, snacks of the night

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: haa...hari tu Sheila Rusli and her family was on my flight ex-KK. Very the kelakar la dia tu. Same flight jugak ada boss saya masa di Arkib dulu. What a flight. And 2 days ago, ada Ng Yen Yen jugak....menteri tu. Tak rajin nak amik gamba je ;)


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