Tuesday, June 09, 2009

*B Night Out ;)

Hey hey Diary,

Been long. Finally dapat jugak cuti....walaupon sehari. Was in Jakarta over the weekend. I am off to Krung Thep tomorrow. It is the old name of Bangkok, just in case if you dont already know ;). Followed by a trip to Labuan on the day after, and it will be my first trip to the island so I am very much loooking forward to it. Yeeha!

How are you all doing? And how was the weekend? Mine was so-so...... Nahh.....boring!

Anyway, I managed to catch up some old friends for a drink at the Laundry Bar last Thursday. Gile kan? I mean sane people only go out on the weekend, right?

It was attended by 3 other uni mates, and they are non other than these crime partners, my favorite ones actually....

Seth yang maha comeil....

Juli (gadis dari Indonesia) dan Sara (yang dulunya bertudung litup ala² ustazah sekolah Maahad)

It was a fun night. I must tell you it wasss loooong that I tak keluar malam like this. I think last buat camtu masa kat Melaka dulu ;)

Long Island for Seth and Summer Breeze for me :x

....and of course, snacks of the night

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: haa...hari tu Sheila Rusli and her family was on my flight ex-KK. Very the kelakar la dia tu. Same flight jugak ada boss saya masa di Arkib dulu. What a flight. And 2 days ago, ada Ng Yen Yen jugak....menteri tu. Tak rajin nak amik gamba je ;)


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