Friday, November 28, 2008

A Trip To SZB

Dear Diary,

Do you still remember about my trip to Subang Airport the other day?
Anyway, here are some of the photos taken at the airport.

It was my second trip to the SZB Terminal 3 after many² years. First being in early 90's when I was on a trip from KL to Ipoh with my sister.

My o my, the newly refurbished airport looks much nicer, more modern and very airy. I like this small cute airport, more than the LCCT in Sepang :p

Soon to be opened new check-in counters

The airport also has a huge hangar for the maintainance of helicopters too.

Will visit there again soon.

U knw u love me, xoxo

Raya 2008 Pt 9

Last but not least, some photos of my Raya angpow's envelopes for this year.
I got very little lah this year.

Very sad indeed. Sob...sob... :'(


Short Talk:
Read this. How surprising that the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa happened on the same day I posted that entry! You see, even rumah berdiri kukuh atas tanah boleh tumbang sbb landslide, ni kan pulak rumah tergantung like in the photos. Meremang...

Dear Diary,

I was at SoHo not so long ago with my colleagues for break fast. OK, it was in September to be precise. Ha! That was actually our first time there. The area is new and there were not many shops open yet at that time.

Anyway, SoHo KL is located at Mont Kiara.

As what I read from the newspaper, SoHo is dedicated to be an all-food-outlets-mall which means there will be nothing else in the mall but bar, cafe, restaurants and pubs (and anything else F&B) only. The concept is the first to be introduced in Malaysia!

Aiyo...this is so gay la.

OK, the pic has got nothing to do with the mall. Just to show how much I miss to work out in the gym.

I personally was looking for a restaurant called Dubrovnik, the very first Croatian restaurant in Malaysia, but I could not find any at that time. Has anyone who read this know if the restaurant is already in the mall?

Since there were nothing much opened there last September, we ended up eating at Kenny Rogers, the only restaurant operated at that time.

I like this pic anyway ;)

But pity, the food was not great. Portion was small, the macaroni and cheese and baked potatoes were overcooked..

But fret not, I will still be going there again, for the sake of Dubrovnik (and that gay Schokolat). Ha!

Raya 2008 Pt 8

***read the previous entry here.

Dear Diary,

This is the second last entry of my Raya 2008 report. There's nothing much from from the festival itself, but a visit to the Raja Melewar Museum close to my kampong house on the third day of Raya.

I visited the museum with my 2 nephews. No entrance fees, fyi, so, you could bring as many as you like without burning a hole in the pocket ;)

The replica of Batu Bertikam. See the photo below for the description.

And last but not least, Raya this year fell on no-fruit-season. There were no whatsoever but rambutans, durians jambu air, which is actually not a seasonal fruit, neh?

The jambu airs. ;)

Daun sirih.

So, that is all for my report from kampong. The pic above was taken when I was on my way back to KL from kampong. Janice Lee was not elected as MB in my area during the last election...but I think this is nice, to show that she IS there for the rakyats.

U know u love me, xoxo


I was at my brother's place a couple of weeks ago. And I realized that there is a mega project going up at the neighborhood. My jaw dropped when I first look at it.

Luxury villas in the neighborhood. But look at the pic above.

Dont u think it look scary?

Price starts from 1.4M, but fret not, kalo aku ade fat bank account pon aku takkan beli umah ni. The reason being, even rumah atas tanah pon bole roboh, ni kan pulak rumah tergantung like this.

I am not questioning the integrity of the engineering....but...

What do you think?

The Malaysia International Landscape & Garden Festival 2008 Pt 4

*** Read the other part here.

More flowers from the show. Very the aloha! ;)

Fresh chillies from the tree.

A view of KL's Le Meridien and Hilton Hotel from Lake Garden

Anyone yang nak kawen..., bole contact this number. be continued


Was at the Gangstarz Finale show at Stadium Malawati last August with D and boyfie. It was great. Some photos for you.

Oh, btw, the event was held on the same day I attended my final stage of MAS FA interview. Luckily abes interview cepat. Else, tak kene maki dengan D sebab dah promised nak pegi dgn dia?

'Saky' at the entrance. Haha

So, if you see dlm TV the stadium looked full, actually tak pon....

The opening act by The Lima.

Followed by the introduction of the contestants.

The MC's, of course.

Aiyo.....Dayang looked stunning la that night. I like her new do, btw.

Ulat taik.

Closing act by Mata.

All in all, it was a very tiring day that day. I was attending the interview from 8 in the morning right till 7 in the evening, and the concert only finished at about 1'ish, so......indescribable.

Raya 2008 Pt 7

*** read the previous part here.

An inside view of a Kampong house. Colorful, neh?

So do the kuih, very colorful. Btw, it is Sarawak layer cake there.

In the evening, I lent my hands doing this work. Honestly, I have never siang any fish before.... :p

...and they were a lot, I'm telling you :(

And the celebration continues at night.

And guess what? Bole pulak I'm falling for my makcik's glasses.
It is quite vintage looking, tortoise like in my wishlist

And how could I forgot this cookies--Kuih Suji.

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: Malas nak type. Penat now ;)


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