Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mein Engagement Pt.4

**Please read the other entry here.

Dear Diary,

I was actually main² regarding my statement that I was engaged to a girl called Mino-chan Mali Chan. Actually it was her engagement with beau--Nani Nino-chan.

Me nak bertunang? Aiyo...sapelah nak patik si pacar yang hina ni?

Anyway, below are the final 10 photos taken at Mino's, where the event was held.


Muke cabin crew yang annoyed dengan request passenger yang macam². Haha

Haa....this is the one who got engaged. Not me. Cakap nak gi Kampala....sampai now ade je kat KL...ape cerrr??

Hantaran yang selambak. Scary kan....? Nak bertunang pon paling koman kene ade RM8k.

And of course, the big feast. ;)

And I must admit, I had never seen acar buah dengan buah sebijik² besar like this.

Engagement ring from Habib worth RM*k, how many carats, I just don't know. Did not ask that.

....and fellow friends, not my friends but Mino's from work-Satyam Cyberjaya. (so name rempah kari kan?)

Aiyo....geli geleman la gwe.

This day were attended by many friends from the Faculty of Info Science and Tech, MMU.
L-R: Shah, Mohayop II, K

So, that is all.


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