Friday, November 21, 2008

Raya 2008 Pt 5

Dear Diary,

This is yet another entry re my Raya (Eid Mubarak) this year that we celebrated last month.

On my previous entries, I did show you some of the photos taken before the actual day of Raya. And today, I will start to show more photos taken on the Raya day itself.

I woke up pretty late that day, you know....main mercun till late night, and like many previous years, I skipped my Raya prayer again this year. In fact, I only performed the special prayer once in my entire life, and that was when I was 8! Many² years ago, indeed! Haha...confession sangat!

As soon as I got up, I straight went to the kitchen and eat this. It is like a tradition that every year, mom will cook this for the special day. It is the nasik himpit with kuah kacang, of course. (Description in English: rice cooked in young coconut leaves/small plastic bag (?) with peanut sauce on top) Btol ke tu?

Then I ate this, kuih buah rotan kan name dia?

And as much as I hate to say this, Petronas Raya TVC this year somewhat a bit disappointing whereas we could expect the storyline at the beginning of the commercial!

And the award for the Best Raya TVC 2008, goes to.....:

Telekom TVC. Sebak pon ade mule² tgk. Agree?

And don't be surprised that our family used this scarf below as the table cloth. It is a hit amongst youngsters these days to use that cloth as scarf but my family......

It is the betel nut tress, those who dont know.

Please excuse the langsir senget. hahaha

And macam biase sepet kene buli suruh isik duit dalam envelope, kan...

Bole.....baru sehari kat kampong dah ade tungau, I mean the kid la...not me.

to be continued...


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