Monday, September 29, 2008


Dear Diary,

Its been more than a week since I last 'fully utilized' you. I am very very upset now. My laptop is giving me a whole lot problems, so do my PC. FCK!!!!

And today, I went to the ACER center located in Times Square to repair the shyt (the problems, not the laptop) and guess what? It cost me a BOMB to do that!!!

You know, I'm about to receive my paycheck soon, and now what? There are so many things yang nak duit--the laptop, the PC etc etc. So heartache!!

And how on earth am I going to update this diary of mine, kalo takde laptop?

Anyway, just enjoy the pics below. Credit to Ana in Shanghai ;)

I will update my Raya photos soon, if and only if my PC could be OK. Else, memang la menangis semua gambar ilang!!


ps: guess where I am now? At MATIC!! Tourism Malaysia Information Center at Jalan Ampang. So you can see how desperate I am now for the internet!! And I only have 20 mins to update everything including to check my emails etc etc!


I Am Craving..

ps: I met Nabil just now at Pavilion. OMG, he is tinggier than I thought! If I stand at 1.78m, he must've been around 1.82m or taller....grrr


from this one..

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: I am still stucked in KL. It's killing me. This year's bday was the worst ever. I was alone at home, and were left very hungry. There was nothing left in the fridge, and last Saturday (bday eve), I only had 3 kuih's for my break fast. Aiyoo....ntah ape2 la my weekend last weekend.

Raya Fever


I am at Starbucks Pavilion when I tap this. I just watched an OZ movie, called Black Water (or was it Dark Water? Whatever lah.....!). was not worth every penny that I paid. I wasted 2 precious hours for that cheap production? I must've been insane to choose that film over Mamma Mia. Something wrong somewhere with me, ne?

Anyway, Hari Raya is drawing nearer. KL is almost empty now. Imagine, 2 mills of KL'ites are heading back to their hometown for the Raya celebration, including me, of koz.

I myself will only head back to my kampong tomorrow night, with my bro-in-law. I cant wait!!

Anyway, below are some of the photos to show the Hari Raya preparations in KL that I managed to snap during my 'daily' pusing2 in town with colleagues. It is sad actually, that I wont be able to pusing2 again after this. Bye2 NAM.

Taken at Kampung Baru Mosque. I haven't had the chance to try their famous 'bubur lambuk' (rice porridge with meat and vegetables cooked in coconut milk) though.

Aiyo....tak menarik langsung!


CapSquare.Seriously, sape2 yang read this, tak pegi pon tak ape. This is another Times Square in KL. Tak menarik langsung!

Again, my fav Raya cookies--Pineapple Rolled Tarts. Photo taken at LHDN Building at Jalan Duta.

So cheap looking! Pls la...chocolate rice yang colorful tu so outdated la.

And last Saturday, I went to Jalan TAR to do my Raya Shopping. You know...ape kelas shopping baju Raya kat KLCC. Bkan nak celebrate Christmas, are you?
And my goodness, this is the price that I had to pay la kan.....

Holy C**p! I had to berasak2 with mills of people! Fainted!

At first, I really thought this stall sells panties. But I was wrong!!! Haha

I like this food, 'Sata' (Ground fish baked in banana leaves). More or less camtu la kan?

Raya cookies madness!


And the pic above was taken at here, my fav mall in KL ;)

Anyway, I will upload more Raya photos as soon as I get back from my hometown in NS. ;)

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: K Syaz, best sangat ke Raya kat Dublin?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ramadhan Special 14: Raya /Eid Photos

DISCLAIMER: Entry is in Manglish, the localized version of English Language.
Dear Diary,

Hari Raya is getting closer. I am jumping and jumping of excitement to celebrate the day. This is the day that I am (and I'm sure everyone else too) looking forward after almost a month of fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan.

InsyaAllah, we Malaysians will celebrate the day this Wednesday, Oct 1.

I myself will be going back to my kampong, located in Negri Sembilan. Yes, I am a Negri's, just in case if you are curious.

Anyway, just to share, some of the photos from my Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak Year 2007 collection.

Raya eve. I looked fit at this time.

Pagi Raya, so syahdu, so suci...

and my nephew, so sepet la this one. Very different from the rest in my family. pocket dah penuh dgn angpoi when I snapped the photo. ;)

and another nephew.

My elder sister, and her family

Secantik-cantik banglo di Kenny Hill, cantik lagi rumah kampong.

Colorful, ne?

My other nephews..

My fav Raya cookies, the rolled pineapple tarts. I can forget the rest on the table, if kuih ni ade skali.

Beef rendang, I like :)

..and main mercun is a must during Hari Raya.

The young at heart. HAhahaha

Dear all sekutu2 syirikku, there is no excuse for the mistakes I have done over the years, and believe me, I've come out with some good ones. Ampun Tuanku. And kalo u nak anta SMS raya, please dont send me the pantuns. I really appreciate kalo ko come out something yang plain, truthful and sincere. Selamat Hari Raya. Have a fantastic day of celebration, family, friends and new beginnings.

Lotsa whatever,

ps: I will not be able to update my blog until I return to KL only on Sept 5. Keep 'em comin'. And btw, I am turning 21 tomorrow, Sept 21. It seems like another lonely bday this year ;(

Snippet: How The Chinese Got the Idea To Design the Olympic 2008 Logo

Interesting art work. Credit to Ana in Shanghai!

Ramadhan Special 13: Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

....or Putrajaya Agricultural Park, in English.

Dear Diary,

I had the chance to visit this park not so long ago. I went there with a colleague--Fendi, and his wifey. It was my first time there, in fact, I did not know the existence of this park before!

It was an after-working-hour trip, so it was just sit-and-go, if u know what I mean. I did not get the chance to visit around, but hey, I managed to snapped these photos below.

I had an early dinner at Fendi's place before we go to the park, and seriously tho, have u seen a knee-length Durian? My goodness, it was so big...and I just lost words how to describe the size!!!

The entrance to the park.

Another feast, after our gigantic kenduri durian ;)
I had chicken satay, fresh coconut juice and Roti John, or Long John bread. Sounds funny, ne?

Kabau baik, lahabau!

My o my, I must admit it's been like years since I last nampak this kerosene lamp.

I like this local fruit la, the pulasan. But how come susah sgt nak carik this fruit in KL, heh?

....and I like this fragrant jack fruit too, or what we call is as Cempedak in Malay.

.....and another durian, tapi ini tak beli laa...

And I also found this break fast promo. Funny thing actually that....

What the fck?? What exactly are they trying to show? Catfish plus bunga kantan plus durian altogether in one big kawah? Ko nak masak ape? So ridiculous la!

...and you claim iklan bukak poser, but thenagain why this bloody mat saleh yang ko letak dlm iklan?

u know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Britain USA


The promo ad for the upcoming Little Britain USA premiering Sept 28. People with the video files, please seed them in the torrent. ;)

....I'm a lady, and I do lady things...

u know u love me, xoxo


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