Monday, September 29, 2008

Raya Fever


I am at Starbucks Pavilion when I tap this. I just watched an OZ movie, called Black Water (or was it Dark Water? Whatever lah.....!). was not worth every penny that I paid. I wasted 2 precious hours for that cheap production? I must've been insane to choose that film over Mamma Mia. Something wrong somewhere with me, ne?

Anyway, Hari Raya is drawing nearer. KL is almost empty now. Imagine, 2 mills of KL'ites are heading back to their hometown for the Raya celebration, including me, of koz.

I myself will only head back to my kampong tomorrow night, with my bro-in-law. I cant wait!!

Anyway, below are some of the photos to show the Hari Raya preparations in KL that I managed to snap during my 'daily' pusing2 in town with colleagues. It is sad actually, that I wont be able to pusing2 again after this. Bye2 NAM.

Taken at Kampung Baru Mosque. I haven't had the chance to try their famous 'bubur lambuk' (rice porridge with meat and vegetables cooked in coconut milk) though.

Aiyo....tak menarik langsung!


CapSquare.Seriously, sape2 yang read this, tak pegi pon tak ape. This is another Times Square in KL. Tak menarik langsung!

Again, my fav Raya cookies--Pineapple Rolled Tarts. Photo taken at LHDN Building at Jalan Duta.

So cheap looking! Pls la...chocolate rice yang colorful tu so outdated la.

And last Saturday, I went to Jalan TAR to do my Raya Shopping. You know...ape kelas shopping baju Raya kat KLCC. Bkan nak celebrate Christmas, are you?
And my goodness, this is the price that I had to pay la kan.....

Holy C**p! I had to berasak2 with mills of people! Fainted!

At first, I really thought this stall sells panties. But I was wrong!!! Haha

I like this food, 'Sata' (Ground fish baked in banana leaves). More or less camtu la kan?

Raya cookies madness!


And the pic above was taken at here, my fav mall in KL ;)

Anyway, I will upload more Raya photos as soon as I get back from my hometown in NS. ;)

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: K Syaz, best sangat ke Raya kat Dublin?


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