Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock Hard at Hard Rock

Heya all. Greetings.

First of all, Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day to everyone. Hope you are doing great. My Merdeka eve was spent at home, no celebration. I had just returned home from Jakarta yesterday evening. So kinda exhausted to go out and celebrate. And my off day today was spent at parent's place. I would meet them again at kampong this Raya. No off day in between. Penat.

Do you still remember my entry that I said I'd been wanting to go to Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing? Click this.

Finally it became reality ;)

So enjoy the pics, yah?

Limited edition HRC Beijing 16th Anniversary shot glass. Bought one for a dear friend of mine. It costs me a BOMB!

How cute!

Lorong gelap bawah tanah di Beijing. Scary la to use this way but we got no choice.

So my next Hard Rock Cafe would be the one in Dubai. The city branch was closed for re-location but re-opened recently. I can't wait ;)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Turning 53. Wooohoooo~

Photo credit to Seow Poh Hing taken from Malaysia Airlines blog.

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day Malaysia~
Happy celebrations
to those holding Malaysia to their hearts, wherever they may be.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Men's Health Malaysia 7th Anniversary Partay

Greetings everyone,

Hope this entry will finds you well :p (bunyik macam ramai sangat je yang baca blog gw nih).

How is the weekend so far? Enjoying it? Life in Kuala Lumpur is pretty mad now. The Mega Sale, the preparation for Raya and the super hot weather. Mad mad mad. But I kinda like it especially the mad 'scent' of Hari Raya that is lingering everywhere in Malaysia now. How I can't wait for Hari Raya to come, which falls on September 10, this year.

And as for my work schedule, I am blessed to be given an off day on Raya eve and also on the first day of Raya itself. Bingo!

It has been ages since MH put a bare-chested men on the cover. It was dull, until the Aug 2010 issue came out.

Enough of my pre-Raya agendas. Lets talk about the event I attended recently--The Men's Health Malaysia 7th Anniversary Party, held in KL.

I myself am an avid reader of this magazine for the past 5 years (I remember I was very skeptical to pick my first copy from the rack. It was weird)
I found the magazine to be very useful on helping me to be a better person--physically, mentally, financially and err.....my sense of fashion (?).

And just recently, the magazine threw its b-day party in downtown of KL, that was also in conjunction with the Refine & Define Challenge FInale Party. I was one of the contestant in the very first cycle, in year 2007 so I was one of the so-called VIP on that night. Kind of :p
It is a challenge whereby they pick up ordinary people, and transform them for a better person with loads of classes thrown to them to attend. To name a few, diving and dancing.

Free drinks throughout the night.

The event was held at Luna Bar. To be honest, it was my first visit to the Bar. Heard about it so often. Location-wise, it's a winning!

Maple Loo. Awesome!

Fashion show. Lame.

The whole night was great. Except that I felt it was a brief one. Sangat sekejap. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves a lot (sangat banyak kupon :) )

And to all the winners, Congratulations. I certainly am looking forward for more surprises from Men's Health.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Itik Peking (Peking Duck)

A quick note.

I'm off to Beijing again this morning (Thurs, Aug 26th). It is my second visit to the largest Chinese city in this month alone, also my third visit there.

Already have my 'kaki' on this trip. Planning to go 'pusing2' together around town incl. a visit to Hard Rock Cafe. Never been to the one in Beijing.

See ya when I'm back ;)

ps: Never seen any Itik Peking in Beijing, sama seperti tak pernah menjumpai sirap bandung di Bandung. Apakah?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lagi Lagi dan Lagi. Yeayyyy!!

Hey hey!!

I'm back! Back to my home base in KL. Been flying everywhere for the past 4 days. Now enjoying my off days before flying off to Beijing again, soon. Was so happy to received a letter from Men's Health magazine this evening. I know, when they send a letter, it must be a good one.

Do you still remember my Origins hamper? Read this for more info.

And guess what, after the Origins, dapat pulak letter nih.

Whoaaa.......sangat sesuai tatkala muka aku dah berkarat nih dapat pulak free facial treatment at 128 Faubourg, For Him. Harus la pegi treatment ala2 Raya dah dekat ni kan?

Thank you Men's Health Malaysia!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sixth Ramadhan


So where did I break fast this Ramadhan? Let's check.

1st day--at the airport
2nd day--in the airplane, somewhere 33,000 ft in the sky
3rd day--at home with my flatmate
4th day--in Seoul with colleagues (note: SANGAT HAZAPPP!))
5th day--at parent's place
6th day--at a Japanese Restaurant called Sakae Sushi

So yeah, I was at Sakae Sushi yesterday with Luna. It was our first time there. None of us into Japanese food very much. After all, not everyone can eat Japanese food, betol tak? So we gave it a try since we pass by the restaurant pretty often on our way to our fav cafe there (see, we both are soooo eligible to be the faces of Pavilion KL). To our surprise, the food there was really GOOD.

So yesterday, we had these.

Fried Maki. To be frank, I had no idea what Maki is until I got the first bite. It was deep fried rice cake with seaweed. Sangat sedap (untuk standard orang puasa). Tapi mahal. RM 3.90 per 2 cakes. OK OK, aku sangat kedekut actually.

Our meal set. I had beef teriyaki and Luna had grilled 'ewwyy' eel. The beef was flavorful. Very nice. Inside the bento set, there were Japanese rice, tofu, steamed egg and soba soup.

And our dessert, ice cream in Moschi skin. Deliciously scorching!

We kinda agreed yesterday that from now on, on every visit to Pavilion, we will include a side visit to a new restaurant we never been to. And dear PV management, please put this into a serious consideration. We both been very loyal to your mall. Prolly you could appoint us to become your ambassadors, at least for the F&B department? LOL

U know u love me,

The Story of Luna

Dear Luna,


A recent shot with Luna at Luna Bar, KL. lol

Thanks a lot for being a new good friend of mine. I'm elated to know a person like you. Someone that I can share good and bad times with. It is just hard to find the quality of such in a person these days. Plus, you are just one great great listener. Another quality yang susah nak carik.

Till we meet again. This time, let's do Thai Express, hoh?

Much love,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mind Your Manners by Mindy

Credit to Mindy, a colleague of mine. Visit here blog here. (Those highlighted are most likely to happen on every flights and paling crew menyampah)

Most people who takes flight just want to get from destination A to B and don't really care about the things in between that or the people involved in the process. Have you ever wondered that if you were that great, why not fly the plane yourself? And land it wherever you want to be and be done with it? So if you don't happen to own a plane, can't fly the plane and need people to serve you food 35000 ft above the air, mind your manners and be a good citizen/flyer/human being. You catch my drift~

I'm going point form hereon for easy reading.
  • if you want to bring a bag that is not approved by the airline r&r and it weights like a tonnes of bricks, please put your own bag onto the overhead compartment. don't expect the crew to do it. fyi, not our job :)
  • if you can't eat certain food like you're allergic to all the food in the world, please pre-book your special meal. crew are not mind readers and we certainly am not a magician. crew cannot i repeat cannot conjure food outta thin air. and do not scream at us for leaving you with no choice. you do have a choice. either eat it or don't.
  • if you can't hold your drink. refrain from ordering alcohol from the crew. i know it's free. doesn't mean you have to take it. and if you need to vomit, please do aim your vomitus into the toilet bowl and not the sink. sink is for washing your hands. i'm sure you don't vomit into the sink at home unless it's a special made sink for vomiting then by all means go ahead. have a blast!

Well, unless you have this sink at home, then by all means enjoy the vomit experience.
  • if you need to use the loo, please lock the door. i know that sharing is caring but too much sharing is not a good thing.
  • if you need to make a phone call, please don't have to shout until the whole cabin can hear you. i'm sure that you're a big time businessman. we simply dun give a F&*( and if the announcement have been made that all electronic devices to be switched off please comply. i'm sure you're not deaf.
  • if you demand for a newspaper and we don't have anymore left. it means that we really have none left. it is a complimentary reading material onboard. so if you happen to have a copy please don't bring it outta the aircraft with you coz it not yours. and don't get upset just coz you came in late and there's no newspaper left. if you're so desperate for it. here's RM2 take it and buy yourself a copy compliment from yours truly.
  • this is especially for cheapskate business class passenger. don't ask me for anymore teh tarik packets, the whole packet of peanuts and milo for you to bring down with the excuse your grandson, godmother, father, mother, neighbour, aunty and the whole village likes it. if you are cheapskate, just admit that you are one and i'll happily give it to you.
  • if you think that crew are cheap sluts, you are so wrong. just becoz we're in uniform and work up in the air, we're not airheads and easy. being sleazy doesn't pay. being nice and have good manners are added points.
  • don't tell the crew you're a doctor and expect and upgrade to business class and first class. if you have the money and need the comfort of the bigger seat PAY! we are not obligated to upgrade you and we can't so bye bye~
  • don't ask us to ask another passenger to shut up. we are not voice controller. if you have a problem with the loquacious passenger, just tell them off yourself. after all, you both paid for the flight tickets therefore you both have equal rights to tell each other off. however, if you make too much of a scene, the crew have no problem restraining you. so sit quietly and mind your own business.
  • if you have a baby travelling with you, and require a bassinet. make sure that your baby is placed inside the bassinet and properly strapped in as per the crew's instruction. i'm sure that you don't want your baby to be a "pan-baby" when turbulence hits the aircraft. a bloody mess is not a nice scene. if you cherish your child's life, you know what to do.
  • when a crew asks you what is your choice of meal, just answer what you want. nodding your head doesn't help. as i've said before, we are not mind readers.
  • when a meal is served, please have the decency to open up the table and don't fold your arms. i'm sure you are not a retard. even a retard will know what to do.
  • when the crew tells you what is served today please pay attention. don't look elsewhere and when the person next to you is served the meal only you turn around and ask again what is served. we are only human and at every sectors of flight we have to repeat & repeat the same god damn thing. we are also not your personal maid.
  • don't take your f&*(ing own sweet time to think of what you want to eat. the rest of the world are hungry too. they need food. unless you're in a hotel or restaurant you may take your time. and all aircraft food are the same. it's not healthy and it's not fresh. if you want fresh food, bring your own!
  • don't ask,"is this orange juice freshly squeezed?" coz i'll answer you this," yes, it is freshly squeezed from the box i got from the galley"
  • do not attempt conversation with crew while they are eating in the galley, coz you won't ever get a proper answer or attention. we need food. let us eat and we'll come and entertain until landing time.
  • do not make a mess of the toilet when you use it coz you were toilet trained as a child. i'm sure you don't mess up your toilet at home coz you have to clean it yourself.
  • do not keep pressing the call button if you don't really need anything. when someone else is really in an emergency situation, we might ignore it and that person might die and you are to be blamed for it. comprende?
  • do not ask stupid question like," is it free seating?" when you know that it's not and your seat number is clearly printed onto your boarding pass. i'm sure that you're not dumb. if you wish for free seating, please feel free to travel other airlines that have free seating. even the cinema have seat numbers, so don't try our patience.
  • do not compare us with other airlines. if you love the other airlines so much, please feel free to travel with them. if you choose to travel with XYZ airline, live with it!
That's all for now. When I can think of anymore nonsense I shall write about it.

Trust me....this is all TRUE. Mindy thanks for sharing ya~

Sensational Seoul

Good bye Kuala Lumpur. Hello Seoul. Annyeong Haseyo~

It is my second time visiting the city. Would like to explore more of this 'Soul of Asia'.

You be good and enjoy the weekend.

U know u love me,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mamma Mia!

Heya Hi,

Today is the second day of the fasting month. I am doing alright. So far so good. Hope you are too?

By the way, have you watched this movie before?

I just got to watch this 2 days ago! I know I'm a bit behind...Lovin' the movie very much. Since I'm a big fan of ABBA, I just thought the whole concept of makin' the band's popular song into a movie was a brilliant idea! Don't you think?

And Meryl Streep was GREAT as ever! So did the rest of the casts.

I am so gonna watch this again and again over the weekend. Ha!

ps: It seems that I have to include a trip to Mediterranean next year! Mykonos, anyone?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Fasting Month

Uni mates and I at a break fast event in 2008, KLCC.

Dear all,

Greetings. The holy Ramadan is here again.

For those who are not familiar, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is also the month of fasting.

During this month, Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset and also refrain from smoking, sexual relations, and various other desires and emotions hence it is named the holiest period for the Islamic faith (purification as some may say).

And like other Muslims, I perform my duty happily and faithfully. I believe that this is the best time to watch out the food intake and spend lesser. Spiritually and financially enriching ;)

So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there who fasts, a Happy Holy Ramadan. May The Almighty reward us with His mercy and forgiveness.

God bless and peace.

Monday, August 09, 2010

It Is $¢ar¥

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make. I am 'sick'.

I don't know what are the causes of the 'sickness'. But what I know is I have a mixed feelings about it. Sometime it makes me happy, but often the case it does not. It is weird, I know.

It is about my purchasing power. I just realized that I shop a lot these few months. I tend to (over)spend for things I don't actually need.

Today, I was in town again with a good buddy. The initial plan was to meet up for a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. So we met, and we dined. And the evening went by until we found out ourselves in the mall again, doing some shopping. And I got what I want.
As soon as I reached home, and opened the wardrobe.....all I can see is a MASSIVE stack of newly purchased items that are still in the paper/plastic bags. Among the items are 20 plus pairs of new undies (excluding the 5 that I bought today!), more than 10 new shirts, 4 pairs of new jeans, 3 pairs of moccasins.....and what's not that I didn't see in the wardrobe just now. They are all new, all virgins, all are still un-worn!!!!

This is insane!!!

Geez.....I know I gotta stop this. But how?? Shopping is like the next best thing after sex and I hate to say this but it really is a great great great therapy.

Yet, I am planning to purchase the L'occitane toiletries kit that I saw today, next week. Baru dapat Origins, kot......

Dear Almighty, please give me the strength and the will to stop this 'war'. It is scary.


....Uniqlo is in town.

Soon, babe....soon.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Wings

You give me the wings to fly

You are the clear blue sky

I'm floating so free so high

Falling with grace for You and I

You give me the wings to fly..

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Love in LBU

Greetings everyone.

I am in Labuan now. Will be here for 2 days. It's a lovely lovely island. Very laidback lifestyle.

For those who don't know, Labuan is another duty free port in Malaysia other than Tioman and Langkawi. And what would be a visit to Labuan without going to the duty free shops, the island's known attraction.

A stack of chocolate bars.

Whooooaaa......chocolate madness! Chocs at duty free shops here are 50% cheaper than those found at the airport.

My only problem now is which flavor should I start first? Ha!

Wishing all a good week ahead.

ps: I'm really lookin forward for this Friday. Partay with Seth.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Menang Lagi.....

Alhamdulillah.....thanks to the Almighty. I might have just been lucky I guess.

How are you doin?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Terbang Lagi.....

Hola peeps,

How are you? How's the weekend goin on so far?

Anyway, I am back in KL! And now am packin stuffs again. Flying off to Beijing tomorrow morning. Now I feel restless. Dear Lord, please give me a wonderful journey tomorrow.



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