Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock Hard at Hard Rock

Heya all. Greetings.

First of all, Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day to everyone. Hope you are doing great. My Merdeka eve was spent at home, no celebration. I had just returned home from Jakarta yesterday evening. So kinda exhausted to go out and celebrate. And my off day today was spent at parent's place. I would meet them again at kampong this Raya. No off day in between. Penat.

Do you still remember my entry that I said I'd been wanting to go to Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing? Click this.

Finally it became reality ;)

So enjoy the pics, yah?

Limited edition HRC Beijing 16th Anniversary shot glass. Bought one for a dear friend of mine. It costs me a BOMB!

How cute!

Lorong gelap bawah tanah di Beijing. Scary la to use this way but we got no choice.

So my next Hard Rock Cafe would be the one in Dubai. The city branch was closed for re-location but re-opened recently. I can't wait ;)



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