Sunday, September 27, 2009


Few updates.

  • Bday this year means working with a nice set of people during the day, followed by a silent night at home. I was expecting a call from M, like many years before......strange enough I did not get any ;(
  • I am so addicted with a new drink that I just invented. Well, not really. Regular Coke + full cream milk. I drink this odd mixture almost everyday. It may sound yucky, but my word of advice is try it first! LOL (Tak la sepelik red wine + 7 up + ice. Do not be surprised ramai passenger Japanese mintak onboard) ^_*
  • I am yet to finalize plans for the long off days I have end of this month. I spent a fortune last month, so I seek something economy. Any suggestion? :O
  • Also received quite a number of invitations for wedding receptions. Couldn't attend some due to work reason, so my apologies sape yang kawen gwe tak pergi. Next is Mino and Dino's reception at Ampang this Oct 10. Ex-uni mates, see ya there! :p
  • My back pain is worsen ;(
  • Was in Taiwan last week, and will be going to Taiwan again day after tomorrow. Followed by a trip to Singapore, and will spend my Sunday in Singapore with M :D
  • ......and a trip to Hyderabad in India after Singapore T_T
.....camane anda nampak kaki penari India di atas, macam tu lah kaki saya nanti selepas habis flight Hyderabad. Passenger dari India kan passenger kesayangan cabin crew mana² airline kat dunia ni.

U know u love me, xoxo

23 Things...

Tomorrow (Sept 28) is my birthday. My 23rd bday. I grew one year older ;(

So, I have compiled these stuffs--

23 Things You May Not Know About Zachba
  • Zachba was born at a maternity hospital in Pudu, KL. Unfortunately the hospital dah kene convert to a church now. It is located not far from the Wenworth Hotel
  • When I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming a taxi driver, pemandu keretapi and the like. You know, Kad 001 sekolah rendah yang warna coklat kuning tu. Every year cikgu akan tanye the kids ape nak jadi, hobi etc etc. Tergelak besar bile baca aku nak jadi taxi driver dulu. Well, itu membuktikan aku dari dulu kuat berjalan ;)
  • Used to have a friend named Azhar. He was my bestie in the primary school. But we lost contact soon after we entered the secondary school. He went to MRSM Jasin, and I attended Bukit Bintang Boys' School. [Mr. Azhar Abdul Rahim, Sekolah Rendah Cheras Baru, Batch '96....saya mencari anda]
  • Not into Levi's jeans...nah...anything yang monopoly aku tak minat
  • Had an operation to cut the appendices when I was 13, it was done at Pantai Medical Centre in Cheras. I was hospitalised for a week, and was given another 1 week off from school. As soon as I returned to the asrama, it gone bengkak and bernanah (euuuw) sebab I had egg for my dinner one day. I must not eat egg, at that time. So, I had to had another few days off to recover. Hurrah!
  • I once was stopped at a club in Bali. For God's sake I was at 7-Eleven to buy some stuffs. Then bumped into a friend on the way back to the room, we decided to go to the club and I put all the stuffs inside my shorts pocket (yeah, very casual pakai shorts je masuk club). Funny thing actually, they thought I brought a hand bomb or something but it was a packet of Tiger Biskuat. Hahaha
  • I used to read Galaxie magazine when I was a teen. Thinking of it now, macam gedik je.....but it is normal for kids, neh?
  • I have a fetish for anything German--the country, the people, the language minus the food (Bratwurst for me? Nah) They turn me ON!
  • My favorite food is mushroom and cheese, and chicken.
  • Some people may not know that I am into music by Madonna, Moby and Modjo.
  • Thinks the 'extremist' sucks! My poilitical view still kepada bendera dacing.
  • Used to play squash when I was at BBBS and continued to my university years. I still remember I spent the malam Raya AidilAdha playing squash with my flatmate, Kuntom. It was crazy.....but we had fun!
  • Before I graduated, I was already busy hunting for jobs. And one of the jobs I applied was to become a Personal Trainer at a private gym at Mont Kiara. I mean, I was considerably fit and lean at that time, and quite confident of getting the job. But too bad, they only contacted me when I am already attached to Malaysia Airlines.
  • I don't know what, but I think Singaporeans and Malaysians are like oil and water.....we never get along. Please don't pretend that we like each other....... duh~
  • Posses a collection of more than a hundred pairs of underwear. I like trunks and briefs in white color.
  • Hate to shave. Actually sangatlah malas to shave. I grew goatee when I was in uni. Some people thought it looked fugly, some said it looked sexy. Ha! Really!
  • Love anything P Ramlee, the music, the movies......takde artis Malaysia yang boleh kalahkan P Ramlee.
  • Shoe size = 10.
  • Have never attended a funeral before........
  • When I was 10, I pernah ran away from school because I couldn't finish my maths home work given the day before. The class teacher called my pa. And on the day after, I was put at the last row in the class. Macam la shyt! Mdm. Noraini Abdul Aziz, thanks for being singa to me.
  • Pernah bela ikan patin dengan anak itik bawah katil. Long story....... :p
  • Is very kedekut, if you are not aware of that.
  • Jarang celebrate my birthday....... baru 3 kali je seumor hidup. Really dah malas nak ingat and celebrate bday orang.......orang lain tak penah pon hengat kite... [bukan bagi hint]

Dearest Myself,

Happy bday to you. May you have a fullfilment in life for the coming year, love and happiness. Be a good boi and always take care of yourself.

Bday love,

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mi Rewards

Dear Diary,

I am back to KL! How is everyone doing? Still in Raya mood?

My trip to Taipei was not so bad. I kind of enjoyed it. Did some shopping and lots of walking around the city.

My expectation about the city ternyata meleset. Auww....!

Taipei is an old-fashioned city, unlike HK and Shanghai. And I dislike old-fashioned cities. I like big cities with ultra modern architecture. It is not fair enough to make a comparison tho just how I hate when people start to compare KL and Singapore. Eughh......!

But I found the locals are nice (and cute too). They are softer than the mainland counterpart.

OK will update more later.

Just to share with you, some of the stuffs that I've got for myself recently. I did tell you that I was dying to pamper myself after 2 huge events ever happened to my life, in this year alone--that I graduated with flying colors from uni and landed on a job that I like.

And these are the items. They are my new toys. I love toys :p

  • Nikon D90 DSLR camera
I am still a beginner. Need guidance and lots of tutorials before I can master this big toy.
I am very happy for being able to have my hands hold onto this camera now.
Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki.

  • the new iPod Classic
Since I am a rough type of person, I decided to give a go with the Protection Plan. Now I can sleep well.
Terlepas hajat bertahun² nak beli iPod.

  • Western Digital 1TB My Book
Typical (ex)MMU student. Download mendownload is macam makan nasik.
I just need a bigger storage for all the mp3s, movies, photos and whats-not.
Burning stuffs into CD/DVD is just not my thing.

  • LAT The Early Series
I love LAT. I own a complete set of Kampung Boy series.

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.
I got carried away with the story telling. 2 thumbs up! Half way to go.

  • Tunku Abd Rahman Putra Al-Haj graphical biography by e.Yu

  • and few collector's items magazines.

And now you know why I am so broke (but feeling very happy) this month. lol

No regrets, more to discover and learn from the items purchased. Lovin' it!

U know u love me, xoxo

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009 Pt. 2

Dear Diary,

I am back to KL. I just arrived here this evening.

I feel sooooo malas to go to work tomorrow, will be going to Taipei in Taiwan to be precise. And it will be my first time to the city.

I am actually still in Raya mood. All my family members are still at kampung, I am sure they are all gelak'ing, borak'ing and makan'ing at this time, while I am here dead bored with no one else at home. Nasib baik ade internet.

My Hari Raya was so mediocre. Everythingwas sooooo kureng lah. Ma fell ill, with less people yang balik kampung (maybe due to H1N1), and the luxury of returning to KL with family was taken away when I had to take a coach to KL. Mind you it was not a direct kampung-KL journey. Dengan stomachache lagi, etc etc.

And upon arrival into KL, I was soo surprised to see soooooo many Indons in KL!

I felt like I was not in my own country anymore! There was a slight insecure feeling to walk around town this evening, when so many nasty, smelly and fugly Indons staring at me. Eugh......How I wished yang stare to Indon² sinetron, or fashionistas/socialites yang selalu masuk Tatler. haha

And KL amatlah kotor ye....

And yet, people in Indon still ade intention nak perang dengan Malaysia? Aiyo.....tak sedar ke berjuta² Indon yang carik rezeki kat sini..... Ptui!

Come to think of it, very menyampah dengan propaganda murahan negara seberang ni!

I better go now. I am so restless.

Will update more.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: And macam tahun² lepas, Hari Raya disajikan dengan banyak cerita² klise. Anak derhaka, anak terlambat balik, keluarga dah mati pastu dah tanam baru nak sampai and the like. Pelakon sape lagi kalo bukan Rosyam Nor dgn Fauziah Nawi. Tolong lah! Hari Raya orang nak bergembira.....bukan nak meraung!

Very klise, very very klise. Seolah² dah takde idea orang Melayu ni!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009

Greetings everyone,

Yeah! Raya is here, in less than 2 days. I really cannot wait for Raya this Sunday.

Ma have decided to change the initial plan and we all gonna balik kampung for Raya. Millions times better than celebrating it in KL.
Well, we did it once and it was awful.....! Yuck! First day of Raya dah pegi KLCC tengok wayang. Eugh....!

The metropolis will be empty, like many years before. 4 mills of KL'ites semua pon nak balik kampung (kesian sape yang takde kampung).

And the next 3 photos below were taken at Suria KLCC. This year's theme was a bit different. They used to build real kampong house at the concourse floor, but it is presented in a simpler version for this year. See below. I like the new idea. Looks very fresh!

And by all means, I always have a thing for Kampung Boy.

Just one of many signature characters in Kampung Boy the series.

And also this one.

First time bayar fitrah sendiri!

And the biggest surprise is.....

My duit raya is in these hotel envelopes, OK? Haha! Well, my company doesn't provide the envelopes so I thought why not to use the envelope hotel yang banyak dikutip from my work travels. Lantak long as dalam tu berisik, dan yang pastinya bukan duit kaler biru.



I will be going back to my kampung at Negeri Sembilan tomorrow. Tido Kuching malam ni.... ;(

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My First Trip To Delhi

Dear Diary,

It's been long since I wanted to update the blog with the photos of my trip to India held recently.

How is everyone doing? I am doin' fabulous. I have just returned home from some shopping at my favorite mall in town, no other than KLCC :)

Oh yeah, I did some damage to the wallet today, and now I am broke. So, people, please feed me until end of next month, since I have no money left to buy food and all.... Ha!

Anyway, the air is filled with the smell of Raya festivities. I myself cannot wait for Hari Raya this Sunday. It will be the first Raya that I will give out 'duit Raya' to kids. Hmmm.....pokai lagi. It is truly the month of bankruptcy for me :p

Back to Delhi trip.

My trip was a short one, merely 3 days only but I had so much fun in Delhi, especially the shopping. Boi, really, I was in Bandung, I was in Bangkok, I was in almost every nook in the region but nowhere can compete Delhi in terms of shopping, in my humble opinion.

Aiyo...very the cheap la. You know, India is one of the largest textile manufacturer in the world, well..I hope you get my point.

On my first night in Delhi, few colleagues and I went to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe, located nearby to the hotel we stay. I myself am not a big fan of HRC, at least for now. I was there just for the sake of buying some souvenirs, bukan sebab so-called nak menikmati hiburan di Delhi.

Aiyo, yang pergi clubbing kat Delhi semua jenis² pelakon Hindustan, really. Very good looking lah they all. Jauh beza dengan every-day-Indian people on the street.

The socio-economy in India
sangatlah jauh.....we are lucky to be living in Malaysia. Tak lah ikot kasta, dan yang kaya kat sini tu taklah jauh sangat dengan yang sederhana, tak macam di India. Yang kaya rumah macam Istana Negara kat KL, yang susah tu duduk dalam khemah kanvas A-frame je.

Later that night, we went for a supper at nearby McD. Look at the drinks holder below.

Actually, it is not as durable as the one in KL yang pakai plastic bag je. Yelah...air tu sejuk dengan ais, holder tu pulak made from paper, so, bile basah....senang la rabak.

And a scene at McD in India.

House fly, peeps!

And my catch from HRC.

And the newspaper from Delhi, put at the door knob.
I like the linen bag for the newspapers, tapi takde pulak gambar.

Meet my uncle?

On the next day, we continued the tour around Delhi town with the local trishaw called 'tuk²' (similar to those in Bangkok and Jakarta). One thing for sure, do bargain before taking a ride.

A tuk² generally can carry up to 5 passengers. 3 behind, and 2 in front. One at each side of the driver. Crazy neh? Believe it!

Our first pit stop was at Sarojini Market. Famous for its household items.

I LOVE that brick-and-mud wall.

Work hard, play harder and bargain 'hardest'! That's how I do things in life.

When you have so many shops to visit in so little time, this is how will it looks like. Try baju tengah jalan je OK.

Guess what, bende² lapik meja macam ni kat ASEANA dengan Ombak mahal nak mampos, kat sini they sell it for less than RM12 per set. Yes, per set. Too bad, rumah bujangku tiada dining table lagi.

And not to forget, a real scene just like those in Slumdog Millionaire.

And what I like most.

Buying postcards from places I visit.

And below are some of my other catch from Delhi.

The local version of Men's Health magazine. I am an avid reader of this magazine for ages (though I dont practice the exercise anymore due to lack of time)

Bagful of postcards. Haha!

And a fridge magnet from Taj Mahal.

I do have like tonnes of photos taken from Delhi, will try to upload more next time.

In the meantime, take care, be good and early Happy Hari Raya.

u know u love me, xoxo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pantun Raya


Raya (Eid) is around the corner.

I am very sure that soon, the culture of sending Pantun SMS will datang balik.


yada yada yada,
yada yada,
yada yada yada,
hantar SMS pon OK what?

Really aku takde mase nak reply, even nak bace, pantun² Raya yang cheap nih. Sorry, but that is just me.

Kalau nak
wish Raya tu, biarlah sincere dari hati sendiri. Bukan ape yang kau dapat dari orang, ko rase cute, pastu ko hantar kat aku pulak?

I am not the place for you to dump your pantuns.

A simple Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, Halal Makan Minum is much nicer and more original.

Happy weekend.


Friday, September 11, 2009

New Wishlist.

Hey hey,

They are here! I mean the new products by Apple and Leica. It is mental orgasm! I so want these babies.

iPod Classic, 160Gb
Price: SGD 388 (roughly MYR 800)
Notes: No new features, except the capacity has been increased from 120 to 160Gb. (Dulu pon iPod classic memang dah 160Gb, before they reduced it to 120 and added the 'musical Genius' feature. Now kembali 160Gb)

Leica X1
Price: Will only be available nearer to date of launch, January 2010
Notes: Nah, the features are almost similar to other conventional compact digital cameras in the current market but hey, it is Leica!

Minimalist, it is.

Leica M9
Price: £4,850 (around MYR 25, 000)
Notes: Good things come in small package.

Any Zachba readers kind enough to make donations into my bank account? I may need financial aid for the 2 cameras above. Haha!

Weekend is here, still I need to go to work on Sunday. But I am looking forward to that, since I will be flying with my batch mate ;)

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Dear Diary,

It's been long! How is everyone doing? I am just so and so, still recovering from back pain, slight fever and diarrhea (toilet calls every 5 minutes)! Eugh.....
I guess it must've been the sirap bandung that I bought for break fast from nearby bazaar. Screw you, abang! Mesti air tak masak nih!

Today is Sept 9, 2009 (09/09/09). Nice date, neh?

2 huge companies will unveil (it is Tuesday 08/09/09 evening in the West) their latest inventions today--Apple and Leica. I can't wait! Rumors said that the new iPods will receive 3.2 MP camera. And Leica will introduce the new DSLR. Aiyo... We will see.

Raya is around the corner. And I still haven't do any Raya shopping just yet, not even a new pair of Raya underwear! I keen to buy a new Songkok (a headgear worn by Malay men together with the traditional outfit, Baju Melayu) since I can't find the old one, and prolly a new pair of Baju Melayu. Seeking for shopping kaki now. Anyone?

Oh, have I told you that I got 2 days off for Raya? I mean after my applications been rejected for 3 times? Haha!

One thing that I am very sure is, I will go bankrupt this Raya! I have 17 nephews and nieces (no younger bro/sis though) and let's say if I feed them RM10 each, I am already poorer by RM170 there, just for duit Raya. And takkan la nak bagi RM10 je kan? Budak² mane nak pandang duit kaler merah ni....... *PENGSAN!

I am off to Medan, Indonesia this afternoon. This would be my very first time flying to the city after almost 6 months flying as a crew. So, it will complete my journey to all stations in Indonesia.

Yet, I am still looking forward for other stations that I have not been to yet served by the B-737--Alor Star (Malaysia), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Rangoon (Myanmar), Macau and HK (SAR of China) and Taipei and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Haa.....macam tak percaya je Alor Star pon tak sampai lagi.....

Soon after Raya, I'll be flying to...



....and Colombo via Male in Maldives.

Boi, I am so looking forward for my trips. Anyone nak kirim barang?

U know u love me, xoxo

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Zachba feels so lazy these days to update the blog.

Please take note.

Will be back asap.



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