Sunday, September 27, 2009

23 Things...

Tomorrow (Sept 28) is my birthday. My 23rd bday. I grew one year older ;(

So, I have compiled these stuffs--

23 Things You May Not Know About Zachba
  • Zachba was born at a maternity hospital in Pudu, KL. Unfortunately the hospital dah kene convert to a church now. It is located not far from the Wenworth Hotel
  • When I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming a taxi driver, pemandu keretapi and the like. You know, Kad 001 sekolah rendah yang warna coklat kuning tu. Every year cikgu akan tanye the kids ape nak jadi, hobi etc etc. Tergelak besar bile baca aku nak jadi taxi driver dulu. Well, itu membuktikan aku dari dulu kuat berjalan ;)
  • Used to have a friend named Azhar. He was my bestie in the primary school. But we lost contact soon after we entered the secondary school. He went to MRSM Jasin, and I attended Bukit Bintang Boys' School. [Mr. Azhar Abdul Rahim, Sekolah Rendah Cheras Baru, Batch '96....saya mencari anda]
  • Not into Levi's jeans...nah...anything yang monopoly aku tak minat
  • Had an operation to cut the appendices when I was 13, it was done at Pantai Medical Centre in Cheras. I was hospitalised for a week, and was given another 1 week off from school. As soon as I returned to the asrama, it gone bengkak and bernanah (euuuw) sebab I had egg for my dinner one day. I must not eat egg, at that time. So, I had to had another few days off to recover. Hurrah!
  • I once was stopped at a club in Bali. For God's sake I was at 7-Eleven to buy some stuffs. Then bumped into a friend on the way back to the room, we decided to go to the club and I put all the stuffs inside my shorts pocket (yeah, very casual pakai shorts je masuk club). Funny thing actually, they thought I brought a hand bomb or something but it was a packet of Tiger Biskuat. Hahaha
  • I used to read Galaxie magazine when I was a teen. Thinking of it now, macam gedik je.....but it is normal for kids, neh?
  • I have a fetish for anything German--the country, the people, the language minus the food (Bratwurst for me? Nah) They turn me ON!
  • My favorite food is mushroom and cheese, and chicken.
  • Some people may not know that I am into music by Madonna, Moby and Modjo.
  • Thinks the 'extremist' sucks! My poilitical view still kepada bendera dacing.
  • Used to play squash when I was at BBBS and continued to my university years. I still remember I spent the malam Raya AidilAdha playing squash with my flatmate, Kuntom. It was crazy.....but we had fun!
  • Before I graduated, I was already busy hunting for jobs. And one of the jobs I applied was to become a Personal Trainer at a private gym at Mont Kiara. I mean, I was considerably fit and lean at that time, and quite confident of getting the job. But too bad, they only contacted me when I am already attached to Malaysia Airlines.
  • I don't know what, but I think Singaporeans and Malaysians are like oil and water.....we never get along. Please don't pretend that we like each other....... duh~
  • Posses a collection of more than a hundred pairs of underwear. I like trunks and briefs in white color.
  • Hate to shave. Actually sangatlah malas to shave. I grew goatee when I was in uni. Some people thought it looked fugly, some said it looked sexy. Ha! Really!
  • Love anything P Ramlee, the music, the movies......takde artis Malaysia yang boleh kalahkan P Ramlee.
  • Shoe size = 10.
  • Have never attended a funeral before........
  • When I was 10, I pernah ran away from school because I couldn't finish my maths home work given the day before. The class teacher called my pa. And on the day after, I was put at the last row in the class. Macam la shyt! Mdm. Noraini Abdul Aziz, thanks for being singa to me.
  • Pernah bela ikan patin dengan anak itik bawah katil. Long story....... :p
  • Is very kedekut, if you are not aware of that.
  • Jarang celebrate my birthday....... baru 3 kali je seumor hidup. Really dah malas nak ingat and celebrate bday orang.......orang lain tak penah pon hengat kite... [bukan bagi hint]

Dearest Myself,

Happy bday to you. May you have a fullfilment in life for the coming year, love and happiness. Be a good boi and always take care of yourself.

Bday love,

U know u love me, xoxo


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