Sunday, September 27, 2009


Few updates.

  • Bday this year means working with a nice set of people during the day, followed by a silent night at home. I was expecting a call from M, like many years before......strange enough I did not get any ;(
  • I am so addicted with a new drink that I just invented. Well, not really. Regular Coke + full cream milk. I drink this odd mixture almost everyday. It may sound yucky, but my word of advice is try it first! LOL (Tak la sepelik red wine + 7 up + ice. Do not be surprised ramai passenger Japanese mintak onboard) ^_*
  • I am yet to finalize plans for the long off days I have end of this month. I spent a fortune last month, so I seek something economy. Any suggestion? :O
  • Also received quite a number of invitations for wedding receptions. Couldn't attend some due to work reason, so my apologies sape yang kawen gwe tak pergi. Next is Mino and Dino's reception at Ampang this Oct 10. Ex-uni mates, see ya there! :p
  • My back pain is worsen ;(
  • Was in Taiwan last week, and will be going to Taiwan again day after tomorrow. Followed by a trip to Singapore, and will spend my Sunday in Singapore with M :D
  • ......and a trip to Hyderabad in India after Singapore T_T
.....camane anda nampak kaki penari India di atas, macam tu lah kaki saya nanti selepas habis flight Hyderabad. Passenger dari India kan passenger kesayangan cabin crew mana² airline kat dunia ni.

U know u love me, xoxo


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