Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Dear Diary,

It's been long! How is everyone doing? I am just so and so, still recovering from back pain, slight fever and diarrhea (toilet calls every 5 minutes)! Eugh.....
I guess it must've been the sirap bandung that I bought for break fast from nearby bazaar. Screw you, abang! Mesti air tak masak nih!

Today is Sept 9, 2009 (09/09/09). Nice date, neh?

2 huge companies will unveil (it is Tuesday 08/09/09 evening in the West) their latest inventions today--Apple and Leica. I can't wait! Rumors said that the new iPods will receive 3.2 MP camera. And Leica will introduce the new DSLR. Aiyo... We will see.

Raya is around the corner. And I still haven't do any Raya shopping just yet, not even a new pair of Raya underwear! I keen to buy a new Songkok (a headgear worn by Malay men together with the traditional outfit, Baju Melayu) since I can't find the old one, and prolly a new pair of Baju Melayu. Seeking for shopping kaki now. Anyone?

Oh, have I told you that I got 2 days off for Raya? I mean after my applications been rejected for 3 times? Haha!

One thing that I am very sure is, I will go bankrupt this Raya! I have 17 nephews and nieces (no younger bro/sis though) and let's say if I feed them RM10 each, I am already poorer by RM170 there, just for duit Raya. And takkan la nak bagi RM10 je kan? Budak² mane nak pandang duit kaler merah ni....... *PENGSAN!

I am off to Medan, Indonesia this afternoon. This would be my very first time flying to the city after almost 6 months flying as a crew. So, it will complete my journey to all stations in Indonesia.

Yet, I am still looking forward for other stations that I have not been to yet served by the B-737--Alor Star (Malaysia), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Rangoon (Myanmar), Macau and HK (SAR of China) and Taipei and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Haa.....macam tak percaya je Alor Star pon tak sampai lagi.....

Soon after Raya, I'll be flying to...



....and Colombo via Male in Maldives.

Boi, I am so looking forward for my trips. Anyone nak kirim barang?

U know u love me, xoxo


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