Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mi Rewards

Dear Diary,

I am back to KL! How is everyone doing? Still in Raya mood?

My trip to Taipei was not so bad. I kind of enjoyed it. Did some shopping and lots of walking around the city.

My expectation about the city ternyata meleset. Auww....!

Taipei is an old-fashioned city, unlike HK and Shanghai. And I dislike old-fashioned cities. I like big cities with ultra modern architecture. It is not fair enough to make a comparison tho just how I hate when people start to compare KL and Singapore. Eughh......!

But I found the locals are nice (and cute too). They are softer than the mainland counterpart.

OK will update more later.

Just to share with you, some of the stuffs that I've got for myself recently. I did tell you that I was dying to pamper myself after 2 huge events ever happened to my life, in this year alone--that I graduated with flying colors from uni and landed on a job that I like.

And these are the items. They are my new toys. I love toys :p

  • Nikon D90 DSLR camera
I am still a beginner. Need guidance and lots of tutorials before I can master this big toy.
I am very happy for being able to have my hands hold onto this camera now.
Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki.

  • the new iPod Classic
Since I am a rough type of person, I decided to give a go with the Protection Plan. Now I can sleep well.
Terlepas hajat bertahun² nak beli iPod.

  • Western Digital 1TB My Book
Typical (ex)MMU student. Download mendownload is macam makan nasik.
I just need a bigger storage for all the mp3s, movies, photos and whats-not.
Burning stuffs into CD/DVD is just not my thing.

  • LAT The Early Series
I love LAT. I own a complete set of Kampung Boy series.

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.
I got carried away with the story telling. 2 thumbs up! Half way to go.

  • Tunku Abd Rahman Putra Al-Haj graphical biography by e.Yu

  • and few collector's items magazines.

And now you know why I am so broke (but feeling very happy) this month. lol

No regrets, more to discover and learn from the items purchased. Lovin' it!

U know u love me, xoxo


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