Wednesday, December 31, 2008

O Rowling

I keep my fingers crossed that the Malay version will be out soon. And dont ask me why I dont read the original English version.

O Rowling, what is next?

U know u love me, xoxo


Dear Diary,

Not so long ago, my fellow batch boys from the Secondary School and I met up for a gathering. It happened on the same day with the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy (I guess by now you could tell that my blog entries are always the basi ones).

It was a fine evening. Manget picked me up from the nearest Mc'Donalds in my neighborhood and we met up with the others at the other Mc'Donalds located just opposite to the International School of KL.

There were Eree, Poyo, Zai, Nazri and other fellow bois.

Boi, I really had fun that night. Other than the landslide area, we also visited the Highland Towers at Bukit Antarabangsa. Very spooky, just in case you dont already know.

Manget and I ;)

O yeah, we also visited our old hostel, located at Kampong Pandan. Very different now lah from the last moment I stepped out from the asrama in year 1999. I was told that the management have merged the two hostel for both male and female. Interesting, kan?

The frontal view of the asrama.

Oh asrama ku.

Kan best dapat masuk sekolah balik?

Hola Brasilia!

I got myself this copy...

Dear Brazil--land of hotness,

Bear with me, habibi. I will come to you soon.

Hola to SP and RJ.

..and this one too!

I cant wait!

January 2009 Read

...and another 2 magazines. Photos will be uploaded soon ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Deutsche Doodle Dong


Not so long ago, my friend, Shah and I went to KLCC for our monthly ritual--shopping (how I wish I could have done this more often!).

It was a great day, we shared laughter and all....just like days before. And Shah is one of my bestie...since my first year in uni.

And to cut the story short, the mall was jam-packed with humans that day, shoulder to shoulder. But heck, I loved it. I love crowded place actually. Haha...

We were hungry and was looking for a cosy restaurant to grab something and get back to our shopping. But nehhh......full house in every restaurants.

So at last we decided to eat at the food court on Level 2.

I chose 1901 hotdog, it was my first time to eat their hotdog.

But shhisssh...I was very 'disturbed' with the advertisement, in a good way. Ha!

And I ordered this...

A set of Deutsche Doodle Dong!!

Very funny, neh, the name? It has a 7" hotdog served with whipped potato and OJ. OK OK, if you think the name is not funny, at least I do. Haha!

Oh Deutsche Dong, I enjoyed eating you very much!

It reminds me very much of something. Hmm...

And my friend. Shah ordered this. Aiyo...even merrier.

U know u love me, xoxo

Post-Congress-ICA 2008

The very final part of the ICA 2008 program which I was involved in as a Committee. Missing those working days...

The Post-Congress Seminar was held in the Auditorium of the National Archives of Malaysia unlike the rest of the program week which was held in the KL Convention Centre (KLCC). Very different crowd it was compared to the main event held in the KLCC.

But I still enjoyed it laa...

Read: Tunku's walking stick, OK?

And now you will see this.

Ha.....vintage, neh? Original copy, OK!

And this one too...

So, sambil menyelam, sambil tu minom air......

....sambil keje, sambil tu berangan dengan camera.

Sheila sweet la your face.

And of course la I was the Master of the Ceremony (kan?)


Is there any zachba readers out there yang murah hati to buy me any of these 2 condos? I am curious to know..... :p

Paspot Baru ;)

Yeay! Finally, I have my passport re-activated. It went 'down' for quite sometime and now I can travel overseas again. LOL.

Initially, my brain was stucked where on earth I could renew the passport in KL My first passport was issued in Malacca. And Nani, a friend of mine suggested that I go to Wangsa Maju. I did, and I must tell you, it was a lot of hassles in order for me to get to the Immigration office there. Nak explain pon dah tak reti.

But as soon as my hands get to hold the new passport, relief sangat the feeling. Euphoria la konon....haish...

Untung jadi OKU ni..... :p

Please la....borang pon nak charge RM 1?!

After I finished my stuffs with the immigration, I went to the National Registration Office. I need to inform them my new address. But heck...

Dont u think it does not look professional for the authority to use this type of font?!

Anyway, the old and the new passport I mentioned earlier.

Berani mati....

Where is Israel, anyway?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 Xmas Deco

Haish......I have been dying to put up this entry loooong time ago. Ha!
Now only I have the chance to do so.

So, presenting some of the deco put up for Xmas 2008. How was your Xmas, anyway? Mine was pathetic. Sad, ne?

Mid Valley Megamall

The Gardens

KL Berjaya Times Square... favorite mall in KL--Suria KLCC


The ever luxurious Star Hill

Ha....there u go!

PS: Looking forward for the Chinese New Year end of this month.


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