Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Dear Diary,

Not so long ago, my fellow batch boys from the Secondary School and I met up for a gathering. It happened on the same day with the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy (I guess by now you could tell that my blog entries are always the basi ones).

It was a fine evening. Manget picked me up from the nearest Mc'Donalds in my neighborhood and we met up with the others at the other Mc'Donalds located just opposite to the International School of KL.

There were Eree, Poyo, Zai, Nazri and other fellow bois.

Boi, I really had fun that night. Other than the landslide area, we also visited the Highland Towers at Bukit Antarabangsa. Very spooky, just in case you dont already know.

Manget and I ;)

O yeah, we also visited our old hostel, located at Kampong Pandan. Very different now lah from the last moment I stepped out from the asrama in year 1999. I was told that the management have merged the two hostel for both male and female. Interesting, kan?

The frontal view of the asrama.

Oh asrama ku.

Kan best dapat masuk sekolah balik?


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