Monday, June 30, 2008

Cellulite is the IN-THING! haha

SEXY supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been attacked by the Brazilian media for appearing too fat on the runway.

Czech Kurkova was slated in the country for appearing in a bikini with what critics called "back fat, love handles and cellulite".

An article in a Brazilian paper about the leggy 5'11" Kurkova described how "shocked" the audience was when she appeared looking uncharacteristically chubby with "cellulite on her butt."

Kurkova is one of the world's highest-paid models, according to Forbes.

Friday June, 27

Greetings everyone,

It was a very hectic day last Friday. I had to run few errands in town. Tu la yang merase susah bile dah keje. Nak curik time punye la susah, so, since I had to finish few stuffs before the weekend, nak tak nak kene la masuk office lambat. Well, lambat tak lambat masuk kol 3 la jugak.

So, first thing in the morning, I went to the gym at Bangsar Village. It was my first day in that particulat gym, at Celebrity Fitness. I used to join Fitness First last year, when I joined the manhunt competition 'Refine and Define' organized by Rodale's Men's Health Magazine. It was like almost a year of free membership. Unfortunately, it was not a passport-type of membership that you can enter any FF club world wide, but a lifestyle-type one. Hence I chose to stay at the Maxis tower club, located just beside KLCC.

Anyway, back to the story. Nak pergi ke Bangsar Village tu punye la susah. Since I tak drive to work, and totally utterly depending on public tranportations in KL (well, I'm using this rapidKL Monthly Travel Card that cost me MYR 135/month that can be used at all LRT's and buses), so I pon naik la Putra LRT to Bangsar.

The other day, I chat la dgn Mohayop on how to get to BV, since her office kat Midvalley. Dia ckp naik U85. Sampai je bangsar station, tunggu la U85. And u know what? For almost an hour tunggu bus tu tau! Naik² je, the bus driver said that the bus isn't going to BV neither lalu area tu. Dia diverted me to U87. And I spent like another 20 wonderful minutes tunggu the bus. Hish....that time, I was so angin dgn Mohay u know? Confident je ckp 85!

As soon as I get to BV, nak carik entrance to the mall pulak susah!! I guess its been like centuries I did not step into the mall. U know, living in Cheras and nak commute to BV punye la byk hassles, macam this one. Dulu, as I remembered, BV1 tu Hankyu-Jaya (mind the wrong spelling) and BV2 tu seafood restaurant, kalo x silap. So, I pon tercarik2 la the entrance. All were closed!! Ye lah, it was only 9 in the a.m. Then jumpe the security, soh I masuk ikot pintu yang amatlah tersembunyik. Mmg la makin hangin satu badan!

Tros naik level 3, and was then jumpe Mr. Kenny, a membership consultant of the club. For someone yang baru masuk kerja, I tell you what.....he was sooo stinky!! As if x mandi, ok! ahahahhaa

And I also received 2 free slots dgn Personal Trainer (PT). The PT amatlah persuasived! I did not intend to take any tho.

Its the cardio area .

And the studio. I can't remember what class that was, for sure it's not BodyJam, since as you can see, all ahso's² yang join only.

The lean snack/protein bar.

The lounge area for members.

Entrance to the male/female changing rooms. Towels are given for free, unlike FF that you will need to pay MYR 5, if you're not a passport member.

The kid. ahaha

Lockers. You will need to bring your own padlock, just like California Fitness. Since that was my first day and no one asked me to bring one, I left my locker unlocked. dengan rase x senang ati, I did not work out properly. Actually, I only ran on the treadmill for merely 30 mins only. Takut barang hilang ok! Plus I was in a rush too! Kate nak gi keje kan. :p

Its the freakin' sauna. What else?


I'm readay!!

The meter on the mill.

So, after business dgn BV abes, I tros shoot to KJ Station pulak. From there, I took a cab to D'sara Uptown in order to claim my CLEO gift. That was my 3rd time in the tower. First, I attended a grooming class there organized by Biotherm. The 2nd one, I claimed my CLEO gift. Now, 3rd time, jugak untuk claim more gift.

Dah habes everything, I went perform my Friday prayer at Masjid Jame' in KL. And, that was my 2nd time there. Dulu, pegi mase skolah². Byk bende baru nampak:

  1. Sampin skolah bdak SJI dah ade corak². Dulu plain green sampin only
  2. Ade lunch free, dulu bg pisang and sirap je

I still admire dgn Moorish Architecture of the mosque. When I was in my first year in Uni, I used to do a research on this kind of architecture for the Islamic Studies subject. Apart from this mosque, Moorish jugak boley dijumpai kat bangunan sebelah the mosque--Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad.

Well, luckily DBKL x jadi nak runtuhkan bangunan tu. Ridiculous la the idea nak robohkan Bangunan Sultan Abd Smad tu for commercial/luxury condos tower!

And, as what I expected, I got this from CLEO!

And the bau is soo similar dgn my dunhill Pursuit.

OMG!!! Key Closet's MYR 32, 000 jeans.

These jeans by Key Closet look good, there's no doubt about that, but do they look MYR 32,000 (USD 1~MYR 3.2) good? I have a hard time justifying MYR 150 for a new pair, not to mention for that kind of money I'd really not know where to wear them. But the price tag is just that, MYR 32, 000 and they feature hand-drawn designs, over 1,000 Swarovski crystals, and a one carat diamond on each back pocket. Yes, wear these and you'll have a very valuable backside. The best part about the whole thing is that although they cost almost as much as a new car, 30% of the profits will go towards building a school for under-privileged children in Uganda. That makes them totally worth it, sort of.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gianfranco Ferre to Debut "Couture Architecture" in Dubai

Italian design house Gianfranco Ferre has signed multi-billion dollar deal to develop real estate projects with a fashionable flair. Ferre is partnering with Mideast-based GIO Developments on the deal, and the first project, called "Gianfranco Ferre Stresa," will be a mixed-use highrise in Dubai. The $1.2 billion tower will combine residential, commercial and hospitality spaces, and the partnership has dubbed it the first example of "concrete couture." Other similar projects are planned around the globe. Mr. Ferre himself, who was fittingly known as the "architect of fashion," died last year. The company bearing his name already has a strong presence in the region with existing stores in Dubai, Beirut and Istanbul and new openings planned for Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait within the year. Other design houses currently collaborating on Dubai developments include Versace, Christian Lacroix and Elie Saab.

pretty bois from backstage of D&G ss09

Friday, June 27, 2008

hadiah CLEO EB

hola everyone.

to those yg x tau, i was one lucky guy dpd 50 guys yg dapat masuk this year punye CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor. many² thanks to Betty yang mule² yg alertkan i suruh masuk. and to my surprise, I DAPAT!!! haha. u know, the guys yang i competed with, are those yang mmg either public figure or professional dlm field masing² and i still x keje lg time tu, bole? kirenye i was the only one yang masih study la.....haha. visit

so to cut the story short, i kene claim adiah yang they promised. most of the prizes i dah claimed almost a month ago, but only 2 yang remain x collect:

Davidoff Gift, yang i mmg very sure akan dapat the new edt--Adventure. and....

Celeb Fitness membership. i decided nak join yang kat Bangsar Village tu since the other 2 in Klang Valley which are the Subang club and OU club amatlah jauh dpd my crib (crib? haha!!).
anyway, will update the rest asap.
u know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMG!! 'Serena van der Woodsen' is back!!

man, its been like years (huh...mmg pon!) since i last posted a new entry into my blog. not that i takde bende nak cakap....but i was sooo lazy on that time. now, eversince org kat tempat keje dah sebok blog, plus friends pon insist i update blog, so there u go la kan.

i am still puzzled on how to use this blog thingy, in terms how nak edit, nak kasik cantek sket etc etc. i ni bukan rajin nak explore mcm like a friend of mine, Shah. but i'll try my best lah.

anyway, im glad i finally dapat the courage nak edit the blog. to all friends, rajin² la visit since now dah tak dapat jumpe slalu.

i certainly miss my student life back in Melaka.
my daily rountine would be like this:
-bangon kol 8, breakfast dgn cereal, coffee or green tea, 1 carrot.
-then at 10 i will have my tea break dgn red apple dgn whey
-pukul 12 ade klas. or pegi lunch kat PS. gelak² dgn frens
-5 or 6 ade hi tea
-7.30 pre workout meal
-8-10 gym
-10.30 dinner dgn buddies
-11'ish tido



but now? mane la ade time buat those things? i went to Melaka last week to visit my angels di sana. ha ha.
Zuria and Wani (and Faizal) insisted me join they all ke Jetty Pier pergi karaoke. but since I have no interest (really!) nak pegi karaoke (in fact, x penah pergi pon, unbelievable kan?), I pon menapak la ke cafe hijau itu.

anyway, weekend is around the corner. time weekend la I feel alive.
whats planned on the w/e so far?
  1. berkelana ke Damansara untuk claim my gifts for the CLEO EB
  2. activate my gym membership di Celeb, Bangsar Village. seriously, its been like almost 3 months since I last went to the gym. I've lost a lot of kg's and cutting, and in need of gym again now since kat KL ni, 'competition' is sky-high
  3. meet a fren who hailed from Sg
  4. pegi wedding reception this Sunday nite kat Rumah Pengantin, Jalan Ampang. locationwise, the address bunyik funny but guess what, invitations are for 200 pax only. at first, I thought it was rather weird for a Malay wedding nak ajak that much only. so like macam kawen dlm church. was told its a Garden-themed wedding. so, we'll see la kan.

anyway, I better off now. its lunch time.

u know u love me, xoxo


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