Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


no no, this is nothing to do with the Capote's work--Breakfast at Tiffany's. last weekend, i visited my old friend, Naz at his place in Kajang. he just moved to the city from where he was born and bred-KB. living at a new apartment of his, driving a car, i could say that his life is a lux one, provided he's at my age too! feeling so lazy to tell everything.
to cut the story short, we had fun that w/e.


its beautiful, its fun, its meaningful, the way how to welcome the 1st day of Syawal

my old kampong house, in the evening. everyone was excited, excited and excited.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


1st day of raya, in the a.m. the 2 niece (and their fags uncle, me...haha) in the kitchen

ta~dah!!! cookies and all the junks pt.1

the young nephew--ashraf, not knowing what day is today

filial pity, kissing the ma, asking for forgiveness and all

my 2nd bro and his family

my 2nd sis and her family in front of my kampong house

1st bro and the family

3rd sis and family

the everyone, incl me, pa and ma

raya, the normal kampong scene

pineapple tart

gay cookies, for gay people... ;)

the retro me

another filial pity

the newphews and nieces

the big family were busy raya'ing the relatives

the other cookies offered

my songket motive

pak jenal and his tired kids

the young 'kacang botol'

the other offering, can u see that rolled tarts?

at the posh's in the kampong

good uncle, bad uncle

the only in the family who has got the chinese eyes, wulla!!

the chillies on its tree!

perhaps brinjal?

big family, big house

with my bitchy niece :o

kampong house, colouful, and forever beautiful, u know?

obviously i was tired, and in need of good rest

kampong house window, in b&w

behind the old kampong house, its pamelo. u know pamelo?

good end of the 1st day of Raya


went to Jalan TAR for raya shopping. people shopping as if the world nak world war 3, the best word to describe -- dahsyat!! haha! bought new baju melayu, after 7 years x beli baju melayu baru (pls believe me) also new songket.
the 'boyans' at the bazaar! ;) well, actually this is my 2nd sis and her kids

generally this was taken at Little India, specifically--depan Mydin. haha!


'fi fepet'


it was my 1st day in KL that holiday, managed to catch up the 3 chicks in town. i still remember, Nadia was fuckin HAWT!!! she was wearing halter-neck tops(pls excuse the spelling if its wrong) . Julie was hired by a local company, and Betty just finished her internship program, her boifren just flew to Melbourne for hisMasters degree at Monash Uni.
(and me? = nowhere still...but who cares?)

we had a lot of fun that day. watched 2 movies -- The Devil Wears Prada and John Tucker Must Die. simply loved the 2nd movie, the actor, who also played the gardener of Mr. Solis in Desperate Housewives is simply a hearth-throb. delicious!

and, also bought this cute swimwear (pic above). hey, it's red in colour, arena, complete with SPF50 UV protector and came at a good price!!


1st week: PER
2nd week: raya
3rd week: TOK


partay partay partay everywhere.
above are some of the partay yg i dapat vip invitation, but too bad so sad, 1 pon x dapat pegi--time puase kott...! haha..

Thursday, October 12, 2006


as everyone is heading back home soon, Ryn together with the housemates had organized a Pre-Raya party held at her place. it was the time to catch up one another as some will be away for the coming trimester, doing the industrial training (internship) and quite a number will be graduating this trimester :(

list of people that will be away next trimester:
- Diane (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Fira (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Tony (graduating)
- Asma (internship//Johore Bahru)
- Ryn (travelling to Tokyo for 2 MONTHS!!!!! my goodness!)
- Mama Rose (internship//Kota Bharu)
- Sis Hai ( internship//K. Terengganu)
- Diha (graduating)

-.........(i feel soo like a loser not to be listed here :( )

we also threw a surprise bday party for Yuz (Ryn's housemate) and Badin (her fiancee).

there was satay, carrot rice, spicy red chicken, noodle soup, mixed-fruit custard, mud chocolate cake (?) etc etc. wow.... i cannot list all the menu here.
the food were yummy especially the custard ;) credit to Auntie Ayu.


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