Tuesday, November 07, 2006


1st day of raya, in the a.m. the 2 niece (and their fags uncle, me...haha) in the kitchen

ta~dah!!! cookies and all the junks pt.1

the young nephew--ashraf, not knowing what day is today

filial pity, kissing the ma, asking for forgiveness and all

my 2nd bro and his family

my 2nd sis and her family in front of my kampong house

1st bro and the family

3rd sis and family

the everyone, incl me, pa and ma

raya, the normal kampong scene

pineapple tart

gay cookies, for gay people... ;)

the retro me

another filial pity

the newphews and nieces

the big family were busy raya'ing the relatives

the other cookies offered

my songket motive

pak jenal and his tired kids

the young 'kacang botol'

the other offering, can u see that rolled tarts?

at the posh's in the kampong

good uncle, bad uncle

the only in the family who has got the chinese eyes, wulla!!

the chillies on its tree!

perhaps brinjal?

big family, big house

with my bitchy niece :o

kampong house, colouful, and forever beautiful, u know?

obviously i was tired, and in need of good rest

kampong house window, in b&w

behind the old kampong house, its pamelo. u know pamelo?

good end of the 1st day of Raya


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