Sunday, May 31, 2009

For One More Day

Dear Diary,

Been ages, heh?

Off for few days for my Proficiency Test, you know....after a certain period of time, I need to return to MAS Flying Academy for the competency-like exam, just to see how much we have learned from the first few months of flying as a crew member.
Ha, I am soooo glad that I passed the exam. Jangan ingat senang nak jadi steward.

Rumors confirmed, my batch mates and I will be called up for the airbus class soooon. Some people like it, some people don't. But as for me, I have this mixed feelings of takut and suka.

Work is work. Kalau tak buat, camane nak tau kan? Not try, not know. Haha

Anyway, I got the chance to meet up with and old buddy, Naz last week at KLCC.
I felt like aaaaaaayyyyyyy~ges since I last met him before he left for Sydney last year to pursue his studies in Masters degree. Now, he is back in Malaysia for few months before leaving the country again for Melbourne this July for his PhD.

It was a very casual meeting. We both had a long luncheon session at The Chilis, KLCC followed by a movie and coffee and window shopping yada yada till late evening! Hah!

He is a good buddy of mine during our time in uni. A good listener and a very visionary gentleman, he is. this entry Tapi bukan la nak citer pasal Naz, but more of what we had that day. Ha ha.

Long story short, we had these:

Chicken Salsa

Lamb Shank

Need introduction?

That, followed by a nice cuppa and I also had this.

Oh waffle.

Anyway, kalau nak letak semua gamba mcm panjang sangat nanti. feels so good when I go makan², with the right company. And as for me, Naz is a very gooooood company. How I wish I could that again for one more day.

Happy weekend, peeps.

(dah tengah malam, malas nak menaip. duh~)

The Story of Nasi Lemak

Short Note:

One of the leading steward I worked with said that I am a perfectionist, I seek perfection in all things in life. I am not sure if the arguement is right since I just dont think I am, and never will be one.
Pleassseee.....someone who knows me inside and outside, betul kah apa yang di kata?
Good day Diary,
Please look at the 2 photos below. And do tell me which nasi lemak makes u salivate more? Ha!

** nasi lemak = rice cooked in coconut milk, served with fried peanuts and anchovies, sambal, hard-boiled egg, slices of cucumber ( by all means this is the simple nasi lemak).

Both came at the same price. The very first one was the so-called the best nasi lemak in Singapore, priced at SGD 4.50.
Location: Changi, cant remember the exact location, but close to Changi Prison.

And the second nasi lemak is the standard airport nasi lemak, priced at MYR 9.00

Location: Departure Hall, Level 3, Main Satellite Building, KLIA

So tell me! I know this may sound pointless but I need to know.

U know u love me, xoxo

Nina's 22nd Bday at Tamarind Springs

Dear Diary,

I am back again! I was all around town this afternoon, with a flatmate, Z. Did some window shopping, and later a power lunch at Pavilion followed by a sweet bite at J.Co Donut. Ugh....I missed donuts very much. Ha!

Just finished our dinner with another 2 colleagues. And I am now tapping the entry from a CC, near to my place, awaiting my girlpal to pick me up for some drinks in town, again.

Anyway, I made this entry special for my colleague--Nina, who celebrated her 22nd Bday recently. Happy Belated Bday, pal.

It was a small dinner party, held at The Tamarind Springs, at Taman TAR. It was a very impromptu plan, Nina at first decided to go to Bora Ombak, where then I remembered it was her Bday, so I suggested this restaurant. It was my first time there, so the rest of the (crew) bunch.

The menu card.

The party was attended by:

Me and Zila Bakarin

Japi Jamari

BFF F, and the bday girl

For those who plan to eat there, I suggest you to make a reservation beforehand. Dress code applies--no slippers and no shorts.

We ordered this:

Lemongrass juice. My choice. Opps... kate exotic kan...

Watermelon juice for Zila and Nina

And the signature drink, tamarind juice for Japi and F

And not to forget....a photo of the table setting.

Without the meals...

...and with the meals I am showing you a photo of the bday girl.


It was a great night. We did enjoy our meal, the portion was OK, well people come to fine dining bukan nak melantak kan, kalo nak melantak gi kedai tepi jalan tu, the food price was reasonable, the ambiance was verrrry romantic..... and we really liked the presentation of the foods.

Oh yeah, this is an Indochine restaurant. They serve Indochinese food (Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai) and there were lots of Buddha statue around the restaurant.

You may expect Halal food here (minus the liquor) since they also do the break fast dining during Ramadhan.

And guess what, not to forget the awards the restaurant have been receiving all this while.

The buddies

Of koz la kan kene buat ritual after makan²--amik gamba as much as we terdaya.

Moi, signature pose.

Can you see that's a huge Buddha head there. Sang Nina, wth. Haha!

Tak larat tgk ko Zila....

Dan yang pastinye, bday girl keriangan pabila diapit 2 jejaka tampan.

Anyway, below is the map to the restaurant. Please feel free to click on the photo to enlarge.

Hint: It is not far from the ISKL.

Certainly a night to remember. Correct?

U know u love me, xoxo

Oh Haagen Dazs, Oh B&R...

Musim muntah-darah-makan-ais krim-premium kembali lagi......

Now u see....

...and now u don't. All gone in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the school holiday.

Come to think of this, passengers traveling on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) actually receive sooo much than what they pay for the ticket price (by all means, this comparison is made between MAS and the 'Red Devil' carrier)

The price for the tickets offered between the 2 are similar and yet, we serve all-things-premium on board!
Ferrero Rocher, Loacker biscuits, Baskin & Robin/Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, and now Toblerone on all juice sectors.

And the most important thing is, the passengers are being served by the 6 times winner of Skytrax's Worlds Best Cabin Staff!

Aiyo.......very the value for money. Really!

New Catch

Hola peeps,

What's up? Good? How was the weekend?

Just a short one.
I have just returned home from Sarawak. Jeez, I missed the Gawai Day celebration. How I wish I was still there to experience the festival. I departed early in the morning, kalo lambat sket pon dah OK.
Must be great to celebrate with the long house located in the outskirt of the city.

Anyway, my catch for this month. Bukan nak riak, apatah lagi nak menunjuk, seperti seorang itu, basically I like to share lah to make it easy.

A pair of limited edition sneakers from Converse. High cut. I look punk'd in it :)
Takde plan nak pakai pon, beli sebab aku just want to have it in my collection.

A new pair of jeans...

....where I was also been given this.

A couple of pairs of luxury undies and a new tee, purposely for partay

Some stuffs from Replay

Oh....apakah di dalamnya?

U know u love me, xoxo

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Borneo Pt. 4

Dear Diary,

Finally...the very final part of my first work trip report around Borneo Island last month.

Anyway, how are y'all doing? Weekend is, any exciting plans?

I am at a cyber cafe near to my place with a flatmate. We are now indulging our off days, and to accumulate, this is my 4th day off in a row after returning home from other work trip. I feel so sloth now. Ha!

So, I was in Kuching again, and we arrived at the airport just few minutes before the arrival time of the private jet that carried the Deputy PM of Malaysia--Muhyiddin Yassin. He was on an official visit to the city.

Malaysia Airlines B-734 and the Fokker F-27

Later that evening, I did accompany a colleague to this place.

Kedai kek lapis y'all!

My jaw dropped as soon as I entered the premise.

I was like a boi in a candy shop. There were hundreds of types of Kek Lapis here. (Kek Lapis=Layer Cake)

And I took that opportunity to buy some for family back in KL.

They sell each box for RM 10 only (equiv to USD3).

The place is located just opposite to the Hilton Kuching, but you need to take a boat ride across the river la.

Later, we walked to the Sarawak Handicrafts area along the riverside. And I found this!

Never that I know that Sarawak pon ade tanam teh!

My colleague and I ended our trip with a sip at the hotel restaurant!


Watch out for this space for more report after this ;)

U know u love me, xoxo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Borneo Pt. 3

Good day,

The very third part of my report from my first work trip.

So where was I?
Hmmm.......OK I was at the Filipino Market with a colleague. The place looked dead during sunny daylight but gracefully changed to a very happening makan² place from dusk to prolly err....midnight, just like Gurney Drive in Penang!

I was there early in the evening, so there was nothing much just yet. Hawkers were still preparing their stalls and food.

Cakoi (fried long bun) taken with margarine and Kaya.
I asked the fella, 'you tak de sos cili dia ke?'. And my colleague said 'People in KK eat Cakoi with sweet stuffs, not with chilli sauce...'

You know apam?

Blissful evening!

So to say I met with this auntie who sells grilled seafood. I wanted to take her photo, but she refused so I said this is for a travel magazine and she instantly changed her mind and gave me this pose. Pandai ngko ye?

Later, I was off to Kucheng again, and we were greeted with this immigration officer who wore a mask. At that time, H1N1 baru nak mule.

And straight went to the hotel.

And how I like the lobby. Cosy. Tapi bilik....macam haram. Ha! But still aku bersyukur dengan ape yang aku dapat...... be continued.


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