Saturday, May 16, 2009

Borneo Pt. 3

Good day,

The very third part of my report from my first work trip.

So where was I?
Hmmm.......OK I was at the Filipino Market with a colleague. The place looked dead during sunny daylight but gracefully changed to a very happening makan² place from dusk to prolly err....midnight, just like Gurney Drive in Penang!

I was there early in the evening, so there was nothing much just yet. Hawkers were still preparing their stalls and food.

Cakoi (fried long bun) taken with margarine and Kaya.
I asked the fella, 'you tak de sos cili dia ke?'. And my colleague said 'People in KK eat Cakoi with sweet stuffs, not with chilli sauce...'

You know apam?

Blissful evening!

So to say I met with this auntie who sells grilled seafood. I wanted to take her photo, but she refused so I said this is for a travel magazine and she instantly changed her mind and gave me this pose. Pandai ngko ye?

Later, I was off to Kucheng again, and we were greeted with this immigration officer who wore a mask. At that time, H1N1 baru nak mule.

And straight went to the hotel.

And how I like the lobby. Cosy. Tapi bilik....macam haram. Ha! But still aku bersyukur dengan ape yang aku dapat...... be continued.


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