Saturday, May 16, 2009

Borneo Pt. 2

Shout Out:
Binge Gang: Meet ya again on June 14, Sunday. No second offer this time. Peace :)


Dear Diary,

How is the weekend goin on so far?

Me in Kuching now. Tapping this from the hotel lobby while waiting my other colleagues for our next flight duty.

The story of my first work trip continues....with Part II.

So I was at the Filipino Market, searching for something that I can buy for myself (for friends and family as well) but ended up with empty hands.

So the locals call this Kuih Cincin.

And I managed to snap this shot while wandering around the market.


The internal view of the state's famous market.

Actually, the Filipino Market is sandwiched in between 2 other markets--The Fruit Market, and the Salted Fish Market (Pasar Ikan Masin). You may get dried fish here at dirt cheap price.

The so called bus in KK. Cute.

I also went to the local 7-Eleven and I found this.

Packaging of Gardenia bread written in Arabic. They don't sell the 60 cents cream bun here, fyi.

After a long detour, I finally decided to lay my ass off at one of the hotel coffee shop called Mosaic.

And being a kiasu guy is never easy. I redeemed my welcome drink there,
and was served this Calamansi Soda....which I think was......very refreshing! be continued.

PS: After a while, I went out clubbing last night in Kuching, with my ex-flatmate, Fezal and his
colleagues. My O my.....I must say at certain point, going clubbing in Kuching is much funner than in KL!!


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