Saturday, May 16, 2009

Borneo Pt. 1

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Betty: How is the Miss Sixty plan? Do update me, puh~leasseee...
Nad: When do you want to buy the new phone?
Binge gang: Make yourselves available next weekend. We do the makan² again, OK?


Hola Good Day Diary,

How is everyone doing? I am currently on my looong work trip, will be back only next week. Now I am tapping this from the crew lounge in the hotel I am staying at, in Kota Kinabalu.
And I am off to the Philippines this afternoon. That, would be my very first visit to the country. I sooo...wanted to visit the country before.

These photos below were taken from my previous trip. To be honest, that was my very first visit to Kota Kinabalu, or better know as Jesselton before. FYI, Kota Kinabalu is located on the third largest island in the world--the Borneo Island.

My tour around the city began around the hotel. We were put in Hyatt Hotel KK.

The road to the main entrance. Very narrow for a large-scaled hotel, I must say.

The swordfish statue.
I simply have no idea what does this statue symbolize for? Anyone?

The Hyatt KK.

Yet another statue--The Dolphin.

Not so far from the Hyatt, lies another 5 star hotel--the Le Meredien. Tapi tak la segah LM di KL.

First, I visited the Filipino Market.
I was really hoping to see some Filipinas on my visit, but heck, I cant see the difference between the locals and the filipinas. They all look the same, speak the same accent and sell the same things.

I am not sure if I would want to recommend a visit to the market for the first time visitors from the Peninsular of Malaysia, just because they sell the same items you can find in any handicrafts market......just like Central Market in KL.
I barely pusing there lama². Oh by the way, I did this tour all alone. No one to accompany me at this time. So tiadalah gambar ku di mana² :(

Keychains, ada kat CM. Yang bezakan dia letak perkataan 'Sabah' tu je.

Next to the Filipino market lies the Fruit Market. Duh...~

Where they also sell the local tidbits. I tak beli pon, since that was my first day of my trip. Tak muat beg nanti. be continued.

p/s: I was at the Filipino Market again just now, to make some alteration on my old jeans. Don't ask me why the heck they have this service at the wrong place. And the tailor asked me my age and where I am from. And I said I am ** years this year. And he replied
'based on your look, I can tell that you will be getting married in the next 10 years'.

I was like....'huh..?'

And guess what? Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was on my flight last week. OMG, he is a very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice guy. My colleagues and I were chit-chatting and he came to us, and we spoke like very good ol' friends. Never that I felt like I was talking to a leader, neither a VIP passenger. He is very² down to earth, very humble and the 3 minutes we spoke has left me a very good impression about him.


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