Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Wishlist.

Dear Diary,

Good day.

I am now planning to buy a new phone, just to replace the one I am still using, the very sincere 6 y.o Nokia 3200 that was given by my Brit-ex for my bday.

I still remember, during that time, the model was the very first mobile phone with a camera. Kire canggih la time tu. And I am a type of person yang selagi bende tu elok, I akan pakai. But recently, phone keeps giving troubles. Considering the nature of my job where I need a 'usable' handy beside me 25/7 (pun intended), I just need to buy a new one. Kalau tak, memang I will still pakai this Nokia 3200 forever and ever.

Other people are so hyped with the iPhones, which I particularly like as well.
But after a deep thought, it just wouldn't (or couldn't) suit me very well.

You know, I ni jenis yang kasar. Ditambahkan lagi the fact yang iPhone tu touch screen, lagi susah.

I like the phones below.

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry 8900

Nokia E75

Nokia E63

It is either a BlackBerry or a Nokia E series that uses QWERTY keypad. And most of all, the design must be a candybar. I dislike clamshell. Eu...

I have made some research. Almost all 4 of the above come with similar features.

But who knows if you ade pendapat sendiri?



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