Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nina's 22nd Bday at Tamarind Springs

Dear Diary,

I am back again! I was all around town this afternoon, with a flatmate, Z. Did some window shopping, and later a power lunch at Pavilion followed by a sweet bite at J.Co Donut. Ugh....I missed donuts very much. Ha!

Just finished our dinner with another 2 colleagues. And I am now tapping the entry from a CC, near to my place, awaiting my girlpal to pick me up for some drinks in town, again.

Anyway, I made this entry special for my colleague--Nina, who celebrated her 22nd Bday recently. Happy Belated Bday, pal.

It was a small dinner party, held at The Tamarind Springs, at Taman TAR. It was a very impromptu plan, Nina at first decided to go to Bora Ombak, where then I remembered it was her Bday, so I suggested this restaurant. It was my first time there, so the rest of the (crew) bunch.

The menu card.

The party was attended by:

Me and Zila Bakarin

Japi Jamari

BFF F, and the bday girl

For those who plan to eat there, I suggest you to make a reservation beforehand. Dress code applies--no slippers and no shorts.

We ordered this:

Lemongrass juice. My choice. Opps... kate exotic kan...

Watermelon juice for Zila and Nina

And the signature drink, tamarind juice for Japi and F

And not to forget....a photo of the table setting.

Without the meals...

...and with the meals I am showing you a photo of the bday girl.


It was a great night. We did enjoy our meal, the portion was OK, well people come to fine dining bukan nak melantak kan, kalo nak melantak gi kedai tepi jalan tu, the food price was reasonable, the ambiance was verrrry romantic..... and we really liked the presentation of the foods.

Oh yeah, this is an Indochine restaurant. They serve Indochinese food (Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai) and there were lots of Buddha statue around the restaurant.

You may expect Halal food here (minus the liquor) since they also do the break fast dining during Ramadhan.

And guess what, not to forget the awards the restaurant have been receiving all this while.

The buddies

Of koz la kan kene buat ritual after makan²--amik gamba as much as we terdaya.

Moi, signature pose.

Can you see that's a huge Buddha head there. Sang Nina, wth. Haha!

Tak larat tgk ko Zila....

Dan yang pastinye, bday girl keriangan pabila diapit 2 jejaka tampan.

Anyway, below is the map to the restaurant. Please feel free to click on the photo to enlarge.

Hint: It is not far from the ISKL.

Certainly a night to remember. Correct?

U know u love me, xoxo


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