Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kucheng Trip Pt. 1

Dear everyone,

It's been long. How are y'all doing? Good? And how was the loooong weekend?
Mine was great! Managed to catch up with a couple of long lost friends in town, and now I am back to my working life.

I have just returned home from Saigon or better known as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam yesterday, and today I am off to Kuantan!
It will be my first flight to the city, and also my first night at the hotel (obviously!). And yet I will be doing the same pattern next week. Just 1 way up, back to the hotel and 1 way down. Can't wait!

Anyway as I mentioned before, I will re-start to put up the photos on this blog again! Thanks to the new camera.
Just an exception for the photos on this entry lah. They were taken using someone else's camera. I was camera-less at that time. Ha!

If you still remember, I was on a trip to Kuching recently. The good thing is I was there with a batch mate, who was also a virgin to the city, just like me. Seasoned crews wouldn't be bothered to go out anymore so we did the tour together.

Frankly speaking, I have never traveled with a companion on my previous leisure trips, be Perhentian Island or Ubud in Bali, and the idea of traveling with a buddy freaked me out in a way at first. You know....the hard times to decide for the upcoming plans. Too much ideas is somehow doing no good.
But heck, traveling with F was very easy lah. And yet, we are now planning to visit EU later in this year or earlier next year ;)

Galley (slaves) stewards

The hotel that the company provides is located in the city centre. So everything is within walking distance from the hotel--the makan² place, handicrafts market etc.

The view from my room.

And one thing nice to know is the MAS hotel is situated opposite to the 'RED' hotel! Meriah kan?

The tour began from the main entrance of the hotel.

Yea...this was taken in front of the 'Red' Hotel.

Apakan daya, 'Red' Hotel tak dapat menandingi 'Red & Blue' Hotel.

The very first place we visited was the State Museum.

As we were walking pass by on the way to the museum, we saw these....

The Chinese History Museum.
It was closed at the time we were there :(

Urut batang boleh dapat body muscular ke? Bullsh*t! Nak body camtu pegi gym la.... Konon² pegi urut tu boleh nampak macho macam dalam gambar tu laa.....?

And this was taken in from of the State Tourism Office, it was once featured on the Amazing Race Asia Season 1 (kalo u ingat, time Zabrina and Jojer kene pasang bangku kayu tuu...)
And the pencil-like building behind me is the new Sarawak Parliament building.

Tugu Charles Brooke.

....to be continued.

ps: geli geli......smalam tepegang babi. ade passenger makan babi on board (bukan makanan aircraft). menggerutu jari.


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