Sunday, May 31, 2009

For One More Day

Dear Diary,

Been ages, heh?

Off for few days for my Proficiency Test, you know....after a certain period of time, I need to return to MAS Flying Academy for the competency-like exam, just to see how much we have learned from the first few months of flying as a crew member.
Ha, I am soooo glad that I passed the exam. Jangan ingat senang nak jadi steward.

Rumors confirmed, my batch mates and I will be called up for the airbus class soooon. Some people like it, some people don't. But as for me, I have this mixed feelings of takut and suka.

Work is work. Kalau tak buat, camane nak tau kan? Not try, not know. Haha

Anyway, I got the chance to meet up with and old buddy, Naz last week at KLCC.
I felt like aaaaaaayyyyyyy~ges since I last met him before he left for Sydney last year to pursue his studies in Masters degree. Now, he is back in Malaysia for few months before leaving the country again for Melbourne this July for his PhD.

It was a very casual meeting. We both had a long luncheon session at The Chilis, KLCC followed by a movie and coffee and window shopping yada yada till late evening! Hah!

He is a good buddy of mine during our time in uni. A good listener and a very visionary gentleman, he is. this entry Tapi bukan la nak citer pasal Naz, but more of what we had that day. Ha ha.

Long story short, we had these:

Chicken Salsa

Lamb Shank

Need introduction?

That, followed by a nice cuppa and I also had this.

Oh waffle.

Anyway, kalau nak letak semua gamba mcm panjang sangat nanti. feels so good when I go makan², with the right company. And as for me, Naz is a very gooooood company. How I wish I could that again for one more day.

Happy weekend, peeps.

(dah tengah malam, malas nak menaip. duh~)


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