Tuesday, March 30, 2010

G'day Western Australiah!


Hey hey everyone...

How was the weekend? Did you have a good one? Well, I did. I enjoyed my weekend a lot! I was in Kuching the whole week last week actually. I got to visit so many new places in the 'Cat City' as well as experienced many new things during my visit there. Will tell more on that later.

But for now, I am excited to tell that I'll be going to Australia this afternoon. For the first time. Wohhoooo......

The old Heliconia Livery. They have ceased the livery.

And the not-so-bad thing is, I'll be flying on the B-777! I've flown with Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific B-777 before, but this will be my first time flying with our own B-777. For real!

The MH B-777 cabin ambiance. Old photo.

City skyline at night.

So Western Australiahhh (WA), here I come! To Shakey and Jeff, let's paint the city red, OK?

U know u love me, xoxo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Malaysia's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2010

Greetings everyone,

How's life? Pardon my long lost, I was just busy with work.

Anyway, I was in town yesterday evening to catch up with a friend over a dinner. And voila! The much awaiting CLEO EB 2010 is now on newsstands!

Ha....how can I forget those fame, glam and limelight I received when I was one of the Bachelor in 2008's contest. I did not won, but hey.....it was a great great great experience. Thanks to Betty Mak Nenek, the one who introduced me to the competition.

I managed to flipped through the magazine. And I reckoned a couple of guys in this year's competition.

Tak lari flight steward. Every year mesti kene ade satu steward.

Carleef. He was also one of the contestants on What Women Want, a manhunt search organized by 8TV few years back. Both he and me used to do a printed commercial before. Oh....didn't I tell you that I also did commercials (TV and printed)?

Good luck to all bachelors. May the best man WIN!

U know u love me,

ps: I really fancy the theme for this year's contest.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Need More Space

Not in terms of relationship or the place I live in now but I'm dying for a bigger storage space for my media files!
My 1Tb MyBook has reached its full limit!

So I am eyeing on these 3 external HDD.

MyBook v 3.0

My PassportElite

MyPassport EssentialSE

I like the better storage space of MyBook v usb 3.0 at 2Tb, but it is a bit bulky and not so handy to bring along during my travels.

Has anyone of you out there uses any of these 3 external HDD? If yes, please feed me with your comments.

U know u love me, xoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once Again..

Initially you see this..

Now see this...

Sertailah, and be a part of the World's Best :p

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Was Beijing'ed

In front of the Bird Nest, Beijing.

Hola peeps,

I am back in KL. How are you doing?

My trip to Peking was really fun. I enjoyed the trip very much. The sightseeing, the shopping and not to forget the food! OK, aku tak la memilih sangat....as long as takde porky, aku makan je, but that only happens when I'm abroad la kan. Not that I practice the same principal here in Malaysia since the choice is aplenty. Banyak benda lain boleh makan.

Anyway, for a very short stay in Peking, my colleagues and I who were all first-timers to Beijing, managed to visit few interesting places in the city incl. the Olympic venues and the massive Great Wall of China, which apparently cost us 2 hours to reach there from the hotel we stay.

Thanks to our tour guide as well, a local man who was actually trying to speak in American accent but tak menjadi. He seemed to be be trying so hard to look like a cool 'gweilo' but in the end, we couldn't understand a shit he was saying.

Sikit-sikit.....'You know.....' and then later.....'You know........' in American accent. I leave it to your imagination. Dalam hati aku.....'OK I don't know a shit what you have in mind, and you don't need to pretend as if I know everything about your country'. Ha ha.

My advice is be yourself. People communicate to pass the message. But when the message is not clearly understood, haram J la tak guna the accent yang tak menjadi tu kan. Ala-ala 'rrr rrr' je lebih. Chet!

Anyway, I will post more pics from the recent travel on my next entry. Gotta dash now.

U know u love me,

ps: Next stop is Sarawal Cultural Village. Shhhhh.......... :p

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm Happy

Eventually I got what I want from the wishlist. And boi, I'm happy. Spent a fortune this month buying more things for the house, as well as new items for the new wardrobe :p

Also purchased a bag, quite a luxury one. And now, I'm broke. Haha

Anyway, how are you? Enjoying the hot weather outside? Ha ha

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nǐhǎo Peking

Ni Hao people,

I feel like ages since I last updated this blog of mine. How are you doing? And how is the weekend?

Mine is a boring one. Boooo.....I am down with fever (been 3 weeks now), running nose and dry coughs. I hope it is nothing serious. Really! Nevertheless, I still have work to perform. I will be flying off to Beijing (Peking is the old name) tomorrow night (Sunday). This will be my very first time visiting the capital of China.

CCTV Building

What I like most about the trip is I will be flying with the same person I flew with to Dubai last month, and to Surabaya November last year. Wooooow...yes, I am so excited.

Travel is somehow easy when you have 'kaki' to go out with. Get the idea?

Great Wall and Water Cube (and Bird Nest).......HERE I COME!!!

U know u love me,

ps: Oh didn't I tell you that Beijing is also another great place for shopping? :)


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