Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nǐhǎo Peking

Ni Hao people,

I feel like ages since I last updated this blog of mine. How are you doing? And how is the weekend?

Mine is a boring one. Boooo.....I am down with fever (been 3 weeks now), running nose and dry coughs. I hope it is nothing serious. Really! Nevertheless, I still have work to perform. I will be flying off to Beijing (Peking is the old name) tomorrow night (Sunday). This will be my very first time visiting the capital of China.

CCTV Building

What I like most about the trip is I will be flying with the same person I flew with to Dubai last month, and to Surabaya November last year. Wooooow...yes, I am so excited.

Travel is somehow easy when you have 'kaki' to go out with. Get the idea?

Great Wall and Water Cube (and Bird Nest).......HERE I COME!!!

U know u love me,

ps: Oh didn't I tell you that Beijing is also another great place for shopping? :)


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