Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey Marchiee..!

Can someone validate if Marc was carryin a Birkin? How envy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Planes ;)

I am certainly loookin forward for the new aircrafts to come in. Best nye dapat keje dalam kapal baru ;)

Happy Monday everyone....

ps: tak semena2 dilantik sebagai pengapit pengantin Ahad ini :|

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pad Thai PV

Greetings people,

My apologies for the very late update. I was busy flying around the region. I got myself an off day today, before flying to Yogyakarta tomorrow morning. I will end my roster for year 2009 with my flight to Singapore on the 29th.......followed by a looong holiday till early January ;-)

And today, I managed to catch up with some old friends at Syaz's wedding reception at Kuang, and some shopping and makan2 after that with some other old friends at KLCC. I spent a fortune there, and now I am broke again. Ha ha.

Anyway, I was at Pavilion last weekend with Seth and company. We went makan2 at the food court there.

And I had a set of Thai food consisting of "pad Thai" and mango with sticky rice. It was my first time to eat pad Thai there.

OMIGOD...the pad Thai from the food court was heavenly! It was flavorful and the potion was generous too! (and cheap too, for less than RM 15 per set). Sangat sedap. I am sure I will come makan2 here again the next time I come to Pavilion.

I do recommend this pad Thai to you ;)

Gotta dash...actually I have many things to share and say. Prolly next time, heh?

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: What's the plan for the New Year, peeps?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

McDonalds' Coca Cola Limited Edition Glasses


Have I told you that I am a big fan of collector's items / special edition merchandises?

The glasses above are relatively new to my collection. Yes, I spent a lot in order to buy the whole set of 7!

Some people call it a waste of money, but I like to think that this is an investment. Yes, it is.

Any taker? I am selling the above glasses at MYR 350 / USD 100 / set.

I bet this is the best deal in town that you could ever get!

U know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joke of The Year


Weekend is approaching. What are the plans for the looooong weekend? (Friday is Public Holiday in Malaysia anyway, and Monday as well).

Well I don't have much planned so far, except that I am gonna meet some old girl pals in town for some makan2 and shopping. Certainly looking forward to that.

Anyway, I found this article below a couple of days ago. Oh yeah, I snapshot-ed it just to prove my story here. LOL. Gigih kan?

At first I thought it is just another regular drama that I see everyday. But....after reading the whole shyt, I laughed my ass off. It was actually a JOKE. Yes, a JOKE which is a lot funnier than the cartoon page at the back of the newspapers!

Read the whole statement below esp those highlighted.

And now you know....

Aiyoo......tak perlulah rasanye nak keluar statement macam tu. It is what people call 'statement murahan'.

I don't remember what song this so-called artiste
tu ada, I mean his own song, if any, other than those he sang during the singing competition.
Definitely not an artiste bile takde impact from him to umat manusia kat Malaysia nih.

If there is a term of 'suam-suam kuku' for those 'graduates' yang keluar from AF, what's best to describe Faizal is 'SEJUK'!!!!

Since keluar AF I see nothing and heard nothing about him!

Plus camane je nak jadi artis, cakap Bahasa Melayu standard pon ade loghat negeri. Euuu.........Signature la sangat kann....!

He is not an artiste.
He is not popular.
And he is definitely not a popular artiste.

There you go.......The Joke of The Year

ps: nak mengaku Zachba is blogger yang fofiler lah

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Nyawa

OK Betty is engaged, so am I....

and I am engaged to this book now...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evian Designers Bottles

Heya Hi,

I am back in KL now. Dubai was great, the shopping, the makan2, the new discoveries yada yada. As always, I spent a fortune there buying stuffs and now I am broke. Haha. Wow, I just love shopping. It is my fav sport these days, after loitering around town with friends. Very cute ;)

Anyway, do you still remember the old entry in my blog about the Evian Water by Jean Paul Gaultier? Just to refresh your memory, the bottle looks like this.

OK that was last year's collection. Now you may want to see this.

Wooohooooo....the new collection by Paul Smith.

***Cik Betty Abas, silalah jangan jeles.

Tapi sayang, saya tak sempat nak beli the previous collection by Christian Lacroix.

Saya masih happy walaupon ketiadaan Christian Lacroix dalam koleksi ku.

U know u love me, xoxo

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Greetings from Lebanon

Morning view from 40 000 ft above the sea level.

Wohooooo......it is snowing in Beirut!

Side to side, which one is yours? Just fyi, there are more Muslims in Germany than in Lebanon.

You have seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy .....
and now see this, the Leaning Christmas Tree in Beirut (pun intended).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Dubai with Love.........

Baked lobster, anyone? Photo was taken at Russian Beach (Jumeirah Open Beach)


Dubai is freakin cold!!! That is what I can tell now. The weather is so much different from my previous trip here 2 months ago. More than 40 deg Celcius back then but it is around 14 deg Celcius now at night (26 day time).

And to tell the truth, I was shivering like hell at the beach. I barely tahan the sejuk, so I stayed at the beach very sekejap.

Jumeirah Mosque

Mercato Mall.

Not so much plans for tomorrow. Will need to prepare myself for the next flight to Beirut on Friday.

U know u love me, xoxo

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Assalamualaikum, Habibi....!

The A-330 that will fly me to DXB and BEY v v.


I am back! How is everyone doin? And how was the weekend?

Mine was a splendid one. Had Sunday brunch (minus the bubbly) with a friend at The Westin, and then did some shopping at Pavilion. Also met up with some other friends along the way. It was really good.

And later tonight, I will be flying to Dubai again before proceed to Beirut in Lebanon on Friday. I am very much looking forward for this 1-week long trip. Will also meet up with my batch girls, Sang and Callen when I am there in Dubai. Wohoooooo!

MAS's old A300-322 seats. Now dah lain, lagi meriah ;)

I have scribbled some plans on the paper on where to visit this time. Not to Burj Dubai again, though I know the world's tallest structure will be officially opened later in this month.

I keen to visit these places, if time permits:

Dubai Museum

Mercato Mall for its Renaissance architecture

and the Russian Beach

Going to the beach should be fun!

Gotta dash. I still have not finish packing my stuffs yet.

To Betty Abas, Happy Engagement Day. Will see you when I am back to town.

U know u love me, xoxo

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Daily Dosage

......lots of chocolates.

Friday, December 04, 2009



Weekend is around the corner. But for me, weekend has lost its meaning. I am off to work soon, and will be back to KL tomorrow. Followed by a trip to Jakarta on Sunday (if and only if the mutual changes been approved). Not complaining, but seems like it is so hard to catch up with ol' friends in town ever since I start working as an FA.

Lately, I selalu play this song in my iPod. I can listen to the song repeatedly all the way from my house until I reach the airport v v. It is Alhamdulillah, by Too Phat, Yassin, Ahli Fiqir and Dian Sastro.

The lyric is soo poetic, but the message is crystal clear (lagu ni lagi banyak menginsafkan dari many nasyid songs I've heard).

Terima kasih buat segalanya, Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku.

Dian Sastro:

disaat waktu berhenti...kosong
dimensi membutakan mata,memekakkan telinga
lalu diri menjadi hampa
saat paradigma dunia tak lagi digunakan untuk menerka*
sadarku akan hadirmu,mematahkan sendi2 yang biasanya tegak berdiri

ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
syakkireena a' kulli ni'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

merenungi luar jendela,mengagumi kebesaran yang Maha Esa
ku menilai kehidupan dari sudut berbeza
tak memadai hanya kecapi rasa selesa

maukan harta yang mampu beli 1 semesta
berpesta ke pagi botol bergelimpangan
kekasih muda bukan takat berpegang tangan
harta dan jamuan nafsu tidak berkekalan
bila menjelang tua bukan itu jadi bekalan
dan jangan puisi ini disalah tafsir pula
bukan berkhutbah cuma betuli diri jua
ingin hidup sempurna aset nilai berjuta,
saling tukar wanita,senyum dan mati tua
bakat dikurnia jangan disalah guna
jangan kufur nikmat yang diberi percuma

guna kelebihan untuk hikmah bersama
jagalah nama hidup penuh pementasan dan drama
ada berisi ada yang kurus,ada melencong ada yang lurus bukan semuanya tulus
ada sempuna ada kurang upaya ada yang jadi buta hanya bila sudah kaya
sebesar rumah bermula dengan sekecil bata,boleh hilang dalam sekelip mata
ucaplah alhamdulillah bukannya sukar, kerna semua nak kaya atau besar
tetap Allahuakbar!!!

Joe Flizzow:
jadikanlah ku tentera Fisabilillah yang tertera di kalimah harap memanduilah
entah apabila persimpangan tiba,hidup penuh rintangan harus kuhadapinya
harapku tidak terlupa diri bila gembira,dan cuma mula mencari kau disaat hiba
ku cuma manusia penuh dengan kesilapan tapi bisa membezakan cahaya dan kegelapan
tabah bila dihalangan duri onak dan cobaan
teguh bila dicobakan keruh kuasa dan perempuan
sentiasa legar diminda,dikejar dan dipinta dari zaman bermula hingga ke akhirnya
ku mengerti siapa ku tanpamu disisi dan apa guna posesi juga posisi
sementara ini cuma hanya puisi,nukilan tulisan dan bisikan isi hati
mencari keterangan,menjiwai peranan menepati pesanan janji juga saranan
alhamdulillah atas kurniaan rezeki,moga tidak terleka dalam perjalanan ini

Ahli Fiqir:
aku yang memandang di dalam lubuk hati,mencari-cari zat rahsia yang katanya tersembunyi
aku yang melihat alam meliputi wujud menyertai lalu ku pindahkan alam ke dalam mata hati
aku hakiki,aku mengerti segala yang terjadi di langit dan di bumi
gunanya tiada fantasi, pelik dan benar,qada' dan qadar kau berilah ku kekuatan
agar dapat ku hindarkan segala kesesatan
usah kau biar nafsuku terliur dari pandangan majazi ini,
aku yang hodoh lagi hina amat benar merindui
moga cahaya lailatul tak membutakan mataku,semoga segala puji tak ku meninggi diri
moga segala janji dapat juga ku penuhi,moga dapatku hadapi tikaman dari belakang
lidah setajam pisau, ku tidak akan risau dengan cabaran sepanjang perjalanan
ku pasrah ku akur 7,8,6 Alhamdulillah Syukur...

Dian Sastro:
sujudku pun takkan memuaskan inginku
'tuk hanturkan* sembah sedalam kalbu
adapun kusembahkan syukur padamu ya Allah
untuk nama,harta dan keluarga yang mencinta

dan perjalanan yang sejauh ini tertempa
alhamdulillah pilihan dan kesempatan
yang membuat hamba mengerti lebih baik makna diri
semua lebih berarti akan mudah dihayati

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shopping Shennanigans


Just a quick one.

I got an off day today. So I decided to go to town, for some (window) shopping. I headed to my second fav mall in KL and went to this known department store.

So to say, I walked to the mens' underwear section. OK.....lots of new arrivals, so I thought I would purchase some.

And the story began......

When I was searching for the right ones (yes....color, cutting and cost), there came a sales guy for the so-called giving assistance. OK, at first I thought he was just doing his job. But later I discovered the guy kept following me everywhere I go and stood up for less than 3 ft behind me.

After a few minutes, I started to feel lemas of him following me.

I really felt like he deserved to be screamed in his face...


Really! It was so fckin annoying. It just killled my mood to shop. There goes my Ringgits for that department store. Since I cannot tahan, I just walked away after spending quite sometime there.

Please lah.......if we, the shoppers, need assistance, we will call you, OK?

Like my case, I want to buy underwear, something that is private, for my private part, hence I need a little privacy. And you don't tell me what suits my ass and what is best to support my d**k and my b**ls with the waistline I have. If I can't find the size, or the desired color, THEN, I will call you.

Please stop tailing us as if we wanna steal some stuffs from the shop. It is so fckin sickening!

I am sure you, the readers happened to have similar problems as well.


Happy First Anniversary, Batchies...

Love y'all.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Gift From Hermes Paris, A Gift From Victoria's Secret

***Vuoi un drink?

Hola peeps,

Get ready with you torrent seed tracker. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 will be officially aired on the CBS tomorrow (Dec 1, 2009), so people in Malaysia, we can expect the torrent seeds from Dec 2 evening time.

I personally can't wait.

This would be the very FIRST Victoria's Secret show featuring an ASIAN 'angel' on the runway, Liu Wen.

Other highlight is, Heidi Klum is back on the runway after giving birth just 6 FREAKING WEEKS AGO!! (ape mampu ko tak abes pantang lagi body dah cun balik siap buat catwalk lepas tu?).\

Not to forget the live performance by Black Eyed Peas. Woof!

U know u love me,

*** French for would you like a drink?


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