Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evian Designers Bottles

Heya Hi,

I am back in KL now. Dubai was great, the shopping, the makan2, the new discoveries yada yada. As always, I spent a fortune there buying stuffs and now I am broke. Haha. Wow, I just love shopping. It is my fav sport these days, after loitering around town with friends. Very cute ;)

Anyway, do you still remember the old entry in my blog about the Evian Water by Jean Paul Gaultier? Just to refresh your memory, the bottle looks like this.

OK that was last year's collection. Now you may want to see this.

Wooohooooo....the new collection by Paul Smith.

***Cik Betty Abas, silalah jangan jeles.

Tapi sayang, saya tak sempat nak beli the previous collection by Christian Lacroix.

Saya masih happy walaupon ketiadaan Christian Lacroix dalam koleksi ku.

U know u love me, xoxo


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