Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Assalamualaikum, Habibi....!

The A-330 that will fly me to DXB and BEY v v.


I am back! How is everyone doin? And how was the weekend?

Mine was a splendid one. Had Sunday brunch (minus the bubbly) with a friend at The Westin, and then did some shopping at Pavilion. Also met up with some other friends along the way. It was really good.

And later tonight, I will be flying to Dubai again before proceed to Beirut in Lebanon on Friday. I am very much looking forward for this 1-week long trip. Will also meet up with my batch girls, Sang and Callen when I am there in Dubai. Wohoooooo!

MAS's old A300-322 seats. Now dah lain, lagi meriah ;)

I have scribbled some plans on the paper on where to visit this time. Not to Burj Dubai again, though I know the world's tallest structure will be officially opened later in this month.

I keen to visit these places, if time permits:

Dubai Museum

Mercato Mall for its Renaissance architecture

and the Russian Beach

Going to the beach should be fun!

Gotta dash. I still have not finish packing my stuffs yet.

To Betty Abas, Happy Engagement Day. Will see you when I am back to town.

U know u love me, xoxo


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