Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joke of The Year


Weekend is approaching. What are the plans for the looooong weekend? (Friday is Public Holiday in Malaysia anyway, and Monday as well).

Well I don't have much planned so far, except that I am gonna meet some old girl pals in town for some makan2 and shopping. Certainly looking forward to that.

Anyway, I found this article below a couple of days ago. Oh yeah, I snapshot-ed it just to prove my story here. LOL. Gigih kan?

At first I thought it is just another regular drama that I see everyday. But....after reading the whole shyt, I laughed my ass off. It was actually a JOKE. Yes, a JOKE which is a lot funnier than the cartoon page at the back of the newspapers!

Read the whole statement below esp those highlighted.

And now you know....

Aiyoo......tak perlulah rasanye nak keluar statement macam tu. It is what people call 'statement murahan'.

I don't remember what song this so-called artiste
tu ada, I mean his own song, if any, other than those he sang during the singing competition.
Definitely not an artiste bile takde impact from him to umat manusia kat Malaysia nih.

If there is a term of 'suam-suam kuku' for those 'graduates' yang keluar from AF, what's best to describe Faizal is 'SEJUK'!!!!

Since keluar AF I see nothing and heard nothing about him!

Plus camane je nak jadi artis, cakap Bahasa Melayu standard pon ade loghat negeri. Euuu.........Signature la sangat kann....!

He is not an artiste.
He is not popular.
And he is definitely not a popular artiste.

There you go.......The Joke of The Year

ps: nak mengaku Zachba is blogger yang fofiler lah


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