Friday, January 29, 2010

Juicy Gossips from Bali

Greetings everyone,

Will try to make this a short one.

I just returned home from Bali. For some reasons, I do enjoy doing flights to Bali. It is not a short flight, hence kerja tak tekejar-kejar, neither a long one that feels like never ending flight. The 3 hours flight to and fro Kuala Lumpur is just nice for me at least, to do the service, as well as PR with the passengers. The ambiance is different too when the passengers are more relaxed-looking than those stressed-and-serious-looking pax in business suits, like in Singapore flights for instance.

Anyway, both flights to Bali just now were eventful ones, I must say. There were so many things (good ones) happened during the flights.

And I guess it'll be easier if I put things into point-forms since banyak benda nak share :p

  • I was blessed with a very nice set of crew
  • Later during the flight, I found out that one of my crew was speaking French to a pax. I discovered she was raised in Montreal, Canada. And it was actually my first time to meet a crew who is be able to speak French
  • During the service, as I pulled my cart, a white lady asked me if I have lived in Australia? I said NO, in fact I have never been to Australia before. Well, according to her, I do speak in Australian accent. Wooohooooo.......... Jangan nak kata ade accent, orang dah paham my English yang tak betul grammar dan vocab ni pon dah kira bagus. But seriously, I have no idea where did I pick up the accent from, if it's true that I have one
  • I received 3 compliments in total yesterday. 1 written and 2 verbal. Alhamdulillah ada orang acknowledged my work
  • A local lady wanted to take a photo of me, while service which I found very good to ask first. But I refused....and now I regret. LOL (**remember, always ask first. It is unkind to snap someone's photos without permission)
  • Someone gave me his business card. There were actually quite a number of passengers who gave me their call cards throughout my flying experience, which I never make use to contact them back.
  • One of the passenger, a very nice local Chinese guy on the way back from Bali remembered me. I used to serve him on the way up last week. And surprisingly I still remember his fav drink, vodka and Sprite
  • So did one of the lady, a German lady. I flew with her 2 months back from KL to Medan. She was upset on the way to Medan that she was stranded in KL airport for long hours due to miscommunication of her travel agency back in Frankfurt and the airline. I calmed her down and heck.....I am well remembered by her
  • And if you still remember, I was in Bangkok on Christmas Eve last year. And one of the pax that was on my flight to Bangkok was also on the same flight as me to Bali yesterday. What a small world kan?
  • Terjumpa 2 celebrities smalam. Lately selalu sangat jumpe celebrity dalam flight lah. Tapi celebrity atau tidak, saya treat semua passenger same ye
Despite the good things above, ada jugak a bad thing happened to me yesterday.

I kene jerit dengan sorang passenger smalam. OK, I let you imagine....if you got screamed by someone sampai perkataan 'fckin' keluar, ape you rase?

Masa dia jerit, saya pandang dia dan tersenyap dlm 5 ke 7 saat. Memang speechless sebab tak pernah kene jerit macam itu. Tapi bukan salah saya, buktinya ada passenger lain datang dan backed me up. I spoke to my crew in charge, he understood the problem and dia pon agree bukan salah saya. Tak payah la I explain semua kat sini. Hanya Tuhan yang memahami perasaan saya masa itu.

Nevertheless, Bali (DPS) is still my fav route so far. And based on what happened yesterday, I knew that I did the right thing and chose to do the right thing and knew this is the right thing I wanna do.

No complaint but happiness all the way.

iPad out NOW!!!! But.... looks unbelievably funny. It is just the bigger version of iPhone, without the ability to make calls like normal phones, of course. It may be your thing perhaps, but....tak de la untuk aku. Anything touch screen not for me la.

For more info of this iPad, visit this.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Buat Betty

Kehadapan Cik Betty (Mak Nenek bagi segala Mak Nenek),

Dengan sukacitanya ingin saya memaklumkan bahawa cuti tahunan saya telah diluluskan oleh syarikat di mana saya bekerja. Adalah dengan ini secara rasminya saya akan hadir pada walimatul urus anda iaitu pada 7 dan 8 Mei 2010 (Walaupon mulut anda kadang2 macam pan*** dan saya amat tidak berkenan. Opppssss........) Cuti saya ialah dari 6-9 Mei 2010.

Saya berharap anda tidak akan membuat pindaan untuk tarikh perkahwinan anda kerana ini akan menyukarkan perjalanan kerja saya pada bulan Mei kelak.

Harap maklum.

Yang Benar,


PS: Tak kire....time aku kawen, sape2 yang dia kawen aku pegi, kene dtg jadi flower girls aku. Antaranya so far, Nadia ngan ko. Jangan nak mengelat ckp dok oversea la, bunting 7 bulan la, ape la, itu la ini la......aku tak makan alasan. Thank you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NY 2010 Wishlist Vol 2

I sooo want this!

Signature stripe shirt by Paul Smith

Someone tolong belikan, please........

Tapi sayang....single cuffs la pulak. Kalau French cuffs kan best.

Anyone yang generous nak tolong belikan? £110.00 (MYR +/- 700) only.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arch De Triomphe

Arch de Triomphe (AdT), Paris

Adakah saya akan ke Paris?

Oh tidakkk...... nak pergi kat tempat atas, masih belum ade rezeki saya lagi. So, saya pergi sini.......

Ohlala........the Asianized version of AdT, the famous India Gate in INDIA!!

Kann....! Kire sama la tu. Hahah...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit the monument on my previous visit to New Delhi. For more info of India Gate, just click here.

And I really love this photo very much.

It took a lot of courage in order for me to visit this sacred place (if I may say so). The unbearable weather, the polluted air, the non-stop honks you hear from the traffic...yada yada. Come to think of it, I am just lucky lah dapat pergi sana sini. And it is something that I treasure that I do not want to waste by many negative thoughts and there you go.......terlepaaaaaas hajat sudah.

I visited this monument (and some other tourist sites in India) all by myself. And to be going out alone in India is rather not advisable. But this is exactly what I like and IS the reason why I am here now. You know what I see the world and figure out what the world has to offer, for the benefits of mankind through the experience collected from each journey.

So bile colleagues cakap tak nak join.....takpe lah. Different people come with different desires and needs. I may like chicken, you may like lamb. You may wanna go shopping, I may wanna do museum-hopping. Things like that. In the end of the day, ape yang kita dapat.

Basically I spent a good couple of hours here before proceed to the next stop. Keliling habis pusing (ayat kene macam India sket). No entrance fee but along the way to the monument, there will be lots of people coming to you trying to sell stuffs. And even pretend nak tolong amikkan gambar you, tapi ade hidden cost. Lepas je amikkan gamba, dia tunjukkan barang dia nak jual pulak. Chet~

Nak datang sini lagi tak tau la bile....mungkin datang mungkin tidak. But what I know, this was a fruitful visit. Am I glad I made it here finally ;)

So India Gate - checked!
The next time I'm in Delhi, I keen to visit Baha'i Lotus Temple and the Jame' Mosque pulak.
InsyaAllah Taj Mahal (note: 4 hours by bus from Delhi) akan datang jugakkk...

Baru la kena tema nak sebut 'Been there, done that'

Annyeong Korea

*Annyeong means Hello in Korean language

Greetings and Hello world,

I'll be flying off to Seoul, for the first time, this evening. I'm very excited, yes ;)

Seoul is reported to be mostly cloudy, with temperature ranging from 1°C to -8°C. Aiyoooo...

Since this will be exactly the first time for me to experience an extreme weather, I better not to draw any plans yet.

BUT provided I can stand
the weather (my winter jacket tak la tebal mana pon), I would like to visit any of these places:

The largest Converse store outside the US located at Myeongdong.

Prada Transformers located next to Gyeonghui Palace (kalau wujud lagi)

ps: Ada sapa2 mau kimchi? BluekkK!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day At Sunway

Hello and Greetings everyone,

Went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park not so long ago with 2 friends--F & F. It was my third visit to the theme park after my last visit 12 years ago. Fuhhh~~ Time really flies, heh?

Since we don't know when will we be back again, or perhaps not, we opted to go for all theme parks, 5 of them. RM72 for the entrance fee.

I must tell you that it was so much fun, giving that the 2 friends and I don't get the opportunity to meet very often, due to my work constraints and that it had been looong since we went to a theme park together. We all love roller coasters. Unfortunately, there is no such thrilling roller coaster ride in Malaysia. I believe we need one that is hella crazy that will make u screaaaaaaaam until u lost the voice, just like this one. Haha

Nevertheless, Sunway Lagoon wasn't a disappointment either. We loved the surf beach very much!

And I must admit that I like this game below. And also the pirate ship ride. I like it when the ship turn upside down, 360 degrees woo....
I believe the crazier, the better......Haha

Anyone been to the theme park at Times Square before? How was it?

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dear Diary,

Hope things are great there. Weekend is approaching again. I'm feeling gooooooooooood ;)

I was in Singapore yesterday. As I got out from the aircraft going to the hotel, I spoke to one of the airport staff there. Funny thing actually. We chatted a bit, and I asked the lady what is new in the city? It is like yearsss since I last came to Singapore for the weekend so I must've ketinggalan with some stuffs that I may not know.

And the answer she gave me was so embarrassing (apparently for HER).

She said, 'Haa....there's a lot of kopitiam (local coffee shops) around the airport. Go la....Sedapp'.

I was like 'Are you for real?'

Kalau setakat kopitiam, tak payah ke Singapore....depan umah aku kat KL dah ade kopitiam. Aiyoo....I found the answer very amusing. Of all many things happening around, kopitiam yang dia suggest?

I was expecting an answer like the new Hard Rock Hotel or the casino in Sentosa or things like that.

But my trip to Sing was a good one. People always say short and sweet, just like this trip.

I managed to catch up with an old friend, whom I used to date before. And that, actually made this short trip a wonderful one. After for sooo long being apart, it is good to know that we still be able to meet and laugh and do silly things like what we did in the the old days. We certainly missed those moments.

Anyway, I'll be flying off to Delhi again tomorrow (Thurs). Not another shopping day this time. India I come!

U know u love me, xoxo

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Yr Eve Dinner at A Viet Restaurant

Greetings and hello,

How was the weekend, everyone? I hope you had a splendid one. Well, I enjoyed mine. Unfortunately my plan to India Gate did not come true as I was busy spending the money at Sarojini Market in Delhi with another crew. There you go my plans yang nak berjmat kononnye....

For less than RM 200, I got:
  • 5 pashminas (aka shawl)
  • 1 leather glove
  • 1 jump suit made from 100% wool
  • and ready-made langsir for all tingkap at parent's place dan my room at rumah sewa.... (exactly the same pattern and quality that you can see at IKEA yang harga dia RM80-90/piece tu)
Murah kan?

To those yang suka shopping, let me tell you one thing, I've been to many places in the region, yes dulu I cakap Bandung and Bangkok murah kalau nak shopping kain etc.....but wait until you are to Delhi. You will go nuts , I promise. Things in Delhi esp household items and kain are filthy cheap sampai ko tanye orang kedai tu 2-3 kali betul ke harge yang dia sebut. Haha

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, a couple of friends and I had the opportunity to welcome the NY with a dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant at KLCC. I don't really remember the name of the restaurant but it is located at Level 4 next to Chakri Palace. I suppose it is a new restaurant with the 'Business Flowers' being put outside the restaurant.

I myself tak pernah makan Vietnamese food before (name je crew ke sana sini but my tastebuds tak la sehandal orang lain...) so did my 2 friends so we decided to give a go.

Based on the menu, we thought that the price is OK la...tak mahal...

We kinda like the appetizer, local spring rolls (self-made) with 2 choices of sauce--peanuts and sweet chilli sauce.

Followed by the main course. The meal below is not mine.

So-called Viet chicken chop rice (?)

...and noodle soup?

....and this is mine, Viet fried rice.

And then we realized one thing.....aiyoo...all the food were not as good or as authentic as we expected. Those meals (except the appetizer) are available kat warung tepi2 jalan (like my nasi goreng, secara terang2an pakai Maggi punye perencah)!

I mean for what we got, rasenye tak la berbaloi dengan ape yang dibayar. Now we all rase food kat situ are overpriced.

So, the next time you are at KLCC, please drop the idea nak makan kat Viet Rest. ni. The 3 of us are foodie so we know what we are saying.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: Kaya sangatkah orang Malaysia ni. Pegi pasar basah pon bawak handbag LV?

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Well, if you think India is a stinky, dusty, hot and humid country throughout the year, then you are wrong! Well, at least that was my impression about India since I was a kid. Too much Bollywood movie, I guess.

Delhi is now freaking colddddd!!! People wear knee-lenghth boots, jacket berambu ramba.....just like those people in the EU during winter time. And when you speak, siap ade fog lagi....

So much to say from dusty (not) Delhi.

And I am having flu now since I arrived. I don't like tempat² yang sejuk......not for me.

Friday, January 08, 2010

*Sat Sri Akal, India

*Hello in Punjabi


It seems like I'll be spending this and next weekend in Delhi. WOW, 2 weekends in Delhi back to back.

As for the first trip this weekend, I hope to visit India Gate. A monument that has been built as a memorial for the Indian soldiers who died in WW1.

Well I guess I will actually need to keep myself busy for both trips by visiting monuments/museums in this capital city of India. The temptation for me to go shopping there is very high (things are dirt cheap), and that is not good because when I shop, it will be an orgy experience. Grrr....scary.

Anyway, it is predicted that the weather will be relatively cold now ranging from 7 - 18 deg Celcius. Aiyoo....itu dah consider very sejok for me :(

I'll see you when I see you.

U know u love me, XOXO

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MAS New Tagline

Now everyone can fly........and fly with s.t.y.l.e.....with Malaysia Airlines.......

I wonder la if MAS top management people pernah terpikir nak buat tagline mcm ni? Just to counter back the 'Red Devil'

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NY 2010 Wishlist Vol. 1

I wonder if there is anyone out there yang generous enough to buy me a pair of this swim short.

Aiyoo....I will sayang you like my other half lah. Nak beli, tak mampu......RM 750 per pair (somehow investing in a pair of good jeans in the same price range e.g Replay and Energie lagi berbaloi by hundred times la if you come to think of it).

It is understood that Vilebrequin (pronounced Vil-bre-kahn) is a luxury French brand hence the crazy price. So....those yang pakai pon A-profiler.

The ideal length. Just nice 3-4" above the knees...

Tunggu lah...kalau ade rezeki, ade......

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year Surprise

Greetings everyone,

I am back to my normal workin life. Weekend was great! Attended Nadia's wedding reception, also went to Sunway Lagoon for a splash with 2 close friends (and stayed in during NY countdown, booooo.......!)

Anyway, I got this NY wishes SMS as follow from someone whom I dated not so long ago. Of all messages I received, I kinda like this one. It sound like this:

Dear Z***
You were the most surprising great experience person I met in 2009. Happy New Year 2010. Hugs flirtatious? I know it was a short one but ehem....I am so flattered la somehow ;p

I got an off day today, so I headed to Pavilion all by myself for my lunch. And I had this.....

A set of Pad Thai and mango with sticky rice.

Really, the Pad Thai was soooo good lah. The succulent tiger prawns, the crunchiness of beansprouts and peanuts, sour from the lime juice, sweet from the palm sugar, spicy from the chillies, salty from the 'namla' fish sauce...senang citer complete lah everything. Well you must try it.

Gotta dash.

U know u love me, xoxo

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010

Dear Diary,


Happy New Year 2010!!! Wohooo.......! How was the party last night? Was it a heavy one, or did you just stayed in watching DVD and then snoozed off? LOL

2009 was a great year for me. A lot of big events happened to my life (and surroundings), and not to forget those happy times and those not-so-cool moments.

As for this year, I am expecting more great things to come alive into my life. New year resolution? It's a no no. Zachba has never set up any. I just can't make do any NY resolutions. I am not going to commit into things that I know that I cannot do. People cakap nak be a better person lah, less clubbing lah, nak pakai tudong lah, less mengumpat lah, ape lah, itu lah, ini the end of the year, orang yang beriya beresolusi tu same je macam dulu. Cet poooodah!
Most of the cases that I met, itu la gayanya. Cakap je berapi.....

Year 2010 also means more travel for me, I mean those for leisure bukan kerja. Traveling while on duty and for leisure banyak bezanye esp restrictions etc.

3 short holidays are confirmed.

Phuket, Thailand.

Chiang Mai, also in Thailand.

and a family holiday (18 of us) in Langkawi, Malaysia.

And I still have another one, that is still in the planning phase, which is the annual major holiday. Ewaahhh...

I simply cannot make up my mind yet. There are several things to look into, esp budget, my makan yada yada. It could prolly be in the Europe, or the United States, Africa or in Down Under. Any recommendation/suggestion, peeps?

Anyway, I better go now. Oh, btw, for the very first time ever in my life.......I dilantik sebagai pengapit pengantin for today and tomorrow. Wow, I gain another experience by the first day of the year already.

To Nadia and Azli, Selamat Pengantin Baru. ***Nadia, jangan la ko buat tebiat tak bangon tido teros esok pagi kan. Hahaha...

U know u love me, xoxo


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