Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Yr Eve Dinner at A Viet Restaurant

Greetings and hello,

How was the weekend, everyone? I hope you had a splendid one. Well, I enjoyed mine. Unfortunately my plan to India Gate did not come true as I was busy spending the money at Sarojini Market in Delhi with another crew. There you go my plans yang nak berjmat kononnye....

For less than RM 200, I got:
  • 5 pashminas (aka shawl)
  • 1 leather glove
  • 1 jump suit made from 100% wool
  • and ready-made langsir for all tingkap at parent's place dan my room at rumah sewa.... (exactly the same pattern and quality that you can see at IKEA yang harga dia RM80-90/piece tu)
Murah kan?

To those yang suka shopping, let me tell you one thing, I've been to many places in the region, yes dulu I cakap Bandung and Bangkok murah kalau nak shopping kain etc.....but wait until you are to Delhi. You will go nuts , I promise. Things in Delhi esp household items and kain are filthy cheap sampai ko tanye orang kedai tu 2-3 kali betul ke harge yang dia sebut. Haha

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, a couple of friends and I had the opportunity to welcome the NY with a dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant at KLCC. I don't really remember the name of the restaurant but it is located at Level 4 next to Chakri Palace. I suppose it is a new restaurant with the 'Business Flowers' being put outside the restaurant.

I myself tak pernah makan Vietnamese food before (name je crew ke sana sini but my tastebuds tak la sehandal orang lain...) so did my 2 friends so we decided to give a go.

Based on the menu, we thought that the price is OK la...tak mahal...

We kinda like the appetizer, local spring rolls (self-made) with 2 choices of sauce--peanuts and sweet chilli sauce.

Followed by the main course. The meal below is not mine.

So-called Viet chicken chop rice (?)

...and noodle soup?

....and this is mine, Viet fried rice.

And then we realized one thing.....aiyoo...all the food were not as good or as authentic as we expected. Those meals (except the appetizer) are available kat warung tepi2 jalan (like my nasi goreng, secara terang2an pakai Maggi punye perencah)!

I mean for what we got, rasenye tak la berbaloi dengan ape yang dibayar. Now we all rase food kat situ are overpriced.

So, the next time you are at KLCC, please drop the idea nak makan kat Viet Rest. ni. The 3 of us are foodie so we know what we are saying.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: Kaya sangatkah orang Malaysia ni. Pegi pasar basah pon bawak handbag LV?


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