Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dear Diary,

Hope things are great there. Weekend is approaching again. I'm feeling gooooooooooood ;)

I was in Singapore yesterday. As I got out from the aircraft going to the hotel, I spoke to one of the airport staff there. Funny thing actually. We chatted a bit, and I asked the lady what is new in the city? It is like yearsss since I last came to Singapore for the weekend so I must've ketinggalan with some stuffs that I may not know.

And the answer she gave me was so embarrassing (apparently for HER).

She said, 'Haa....there's a lot of kopitiam (local coffee shops) around the airport. Go la....Sedapp'.

I was like 'Are you for real?'

Kalau setakat kopitiam, tak payah ke Singapore....depan umah aku kat KL dah ade kopitiam. Aiyoo....I found the answer very amusing. Of all many things happening around, kopitiam yang dia suggest?

I was expecting an answer like the new Hard Rock Hotel or the casino in Sentosa or things like that.

But my trip to Sing was a good one. People always say short and sweet, just like this trip.

I managed to catch up with an old friend, whom I used to date before. And that, actually made this short trip a wonderful one. After for sooo long being apart, it is good to know that we still be able to meet and laugh and do silly things like what we did in the the old days. We certainly missed those moments.

Anyway, I'll be flying off to Delhi again tomorrow (Thurs). Not another shopping day this time. India I come!

U know u love me, xoxo


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