Friday, January 29, 2010

Juicy Gossips from Bali

Greetings everyone,

Will try to make this a short one.

I just returned home from Bali. For some reasons, I do enjoy doing flights to Bali. It is not a short flight, hence kerja tak tekejar-kejar, neither a long one that feels like never ending flight. The 3 hours flight to and fro Kuala Lumpur is just nice for me at least, to do the service, as well as PR with the passengers. The ambiance is different too when the passengers are more relaxed-looking than those stressed-and-serious-looking pax in business suits, like in Singapore flights for instance.

Anyway, both flights to Bali just now were eventful ones, I must say. There were so many things (good ones) happened during the flights.

And I guess it'll be easier if I put things into point-forms since banyak benda nak share :p

  • I was blessed with a very nice set of crew
  • Later during the flight, I found out that one of my crew was speaking French to a pax. I discovered she was raised in Montreal, Canada. And it was actually my first time to meet a crew who is be able to speak French
  • During the service, as I pulled my cart, a white lady asked me if I have lived in Australia? I said NO, in fact I have never been to Australia before. Well, according to her, I do speak in Australian accent. Wooohooooo.......... Jangan nak kata ade accent, orang dah paham my English yang tak betul grammar dan vocab ni pon dah kira bagus. But seriously, I have no idea where did I pick up the accent from, if it's true that I have one
  • I received 3 compliments in total yesterday. 1 written and 2 verbal. Alhamdulillah ada orang acknowledged my work
  • A local lady wanted to take a photo of me, while service which I found very good to ask first. But I refused....and now I regret. LOL (**remember, always ask first. It is unkind to snap someone's photos without permission)
  • Someone gave me his business card. There were actually quite a number of passengers who gave me their call cards throughout my flying experience, which I never make use to contact them back.
  • One of the passenger, a very nice local Chinese guy on the way back from Bali remembered me. I used to serve him on the way up last week. And surprisingly I still remember his fav drink, vodka and Sprite
  • So did one of the lady, a German lady. I flew with her 2 months back from KL to Medan. She was upset on the way to Medan that she was stranded in KL airport for long hours due to miscommunication of her travel agency back in Frankfurt and the airline. I calmed her down and heck.....I am well remembered by her
  • And if you still remember, I was in Bangkok on Christmas Eve last year. And one of the pax that was on my flight to Bangkok was also on the same flight as me to Bali yesterday. What a small world kan?
  • Terjumpa 2 celebrities smalam. Lately selalu sangat jumpe celebrity dalam flight lah. Tapi celebrity atau tidak, saya treat semua passenger same ye
Despite the good things above, ada jugak a bad thing happened to me yesterday.

I kene jerit dengan sorang passenger smalam. OK, I let you imagine....if you got screamed by someone sampai perkataan 'fckin' keluar, ape you rase?

Masa dia jerit, saya pandang dia dan tersenyap dlm 5 ke 7 saat. Memang speechless sebab tak pernah kene jerit macam itu. Tapi bukan salah saya, buktinya ada passenger lain datang dan backed me up. I spoke to my crew in charge, he understood the problem and dia pon agree bukan salah saya. Tak payah la I explain semua kat sini. Hanya Tuhan yang memahami perasaan saya masa itu.

Nevertheless, Bali (DPS) is still my fav route so far. And based on what happened yesterday, I knew that I did the right thing and chose to do the right thing and knew this is the right thing I wanna do.

No complaint but happiness all the way.


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