Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NY 2010 Wishlist Vol. 1

I wonder if there is anyone out there yang generous enough to buy me a pair of this swim short.

Aiyoo....I will sayang you like my other half lah. Nak beli, tak mampu......RM 750 per pair (somehow investing in a pair of good jeans in the same price range e.g Replay and Energie lagi berbaloi by hundred times la if you come to think of it).

It is understood that Vilebrequin (pronounced Vil-bre-kahn) is a luxury French brand hence the crazy price. So....those yang pakai pon A-profiler.

The ideal length. Just nice 3-4" above the knees...

Tunggu lah...kalau ade rezeki, ade......


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