Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arch De Triomphe

Arch de Triomphe (AdT), Paris

Adakah saya akan ke Paris?

Oh tidakkk...... nak pergi kat tempat atas, masih belum ade rezeki saya lagi. So, saya pergi sini.......

Ohlala........the Asianized version of AdT, the famous India Gate in INDIA!!

Kann....! Kire sama la tu. Hahah...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit the monument on my previous visit to New Delhi. For more info of India Gate, just click here.

And I really love this photo very much.

It took a lot of courage in order for me to visit this sacred place (if I may say so). The unbearable weather, the polluted air, the non-stop honks you hear from the traffic...yada yada. Come to think of it, I am just lucky lah dapat pergi sana sini. And it is something that I treasure that I do not want to waste by many negative thoughts and there you go.......terlepaaaaaas hajat sudah.

I visited this monument (and some other tourist sites in India) all by myself. And to be going out alone in India is rather not advisable. But this is exactly what I like and IS the reason why I am here now. You know what I mean.....to see the world and figure out what the world has to offer, for the benefits of mankind through the experience collected from each journey.

So bile colleagues cakap tak nak join.....takpe lah. Different people come with different desires and needs. I may like chicken, you may like lamb. You may wanna go shopping, I may wanna do museum-hopping. Things like that. In the end of the day, ape yang kita dapat.

Basically I spent a good couple of hours here before proceed to the next stop. Keliling habis pusing (ayat kene macam India sket). No entrance fee but along the way to the monument, there will be lots of people coming to you trying to sell stuffs. And even pretend nak tolong amikkan gambar you, tapi ade hidden cost. Lepas je amikkan gamba, dia tunjukkan barang dia nak jual pulak. Chet~

Nak datang sini lagi tak tau la bile....mungkin datang mungkin tidak. But what I know, this was a fruitful visit. Am I glad I made it here finally ;)

So India Gate - checked!
The next time I'm in Delhi, I keen to visit Baha'i Lotus Temple and the Jame' Mosque pulak.
InsyaAllah Taj Mahal (note: 4 hours by bus from Delhi) akan datang jugakkk...

Baru la kena tema nak sebut 'Been there, done that'


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