Friday, January 08, 2010

*Sat Sri Akal, India

*Hello in Punjabi


It seems like I'll be spending this and next weekend in Delhi. WOW, 2 weekends in Delhi back to back.

As for the first trip this weekend, I hope to visit India Gate. A monument that has been built as a memorial for the Indian soldiers who died in WW1.

Well I guess I will actually need to keep myself busy for both trips by visiting monuments/museums in this capital city of India. The temptation for me to go shopping there is very high (things are dirt cheap), and that is not good because when I shop, it will be an orgy experience. Grrr....scary.

Anyway, it is predicted that the weather will be relatively cold now ranging from 7 - 18 deg Celcius. Aiyoo....itu dah consider very sejok for me :(

I'll see you when I see you.

U know u love me, XOXO


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