Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Crew Flight Pt.1

Good day everyone,

To celebrate the 2009 Skytrax's World's Best Cabin Crew award that was presented to the company I work for (mind you, for the 6th time), let me share with you some of the photos taken during my first flight as a crew.

Well, I guess I did mention in my previous entry that I was flying to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (IATA: PNH, REP), both in Cambodia, for my first flight and here you go....

I had not move out from parents' yet at that time,
so pick up service xde, hence I had to take the train .......

...and was I lucky to get the crew price for the ticket ;)

I arrived at the train station very early actually, provided my departure was at 1155 a.m

And since I am new, I will need to carry this around till I hafal all the notes inside.
This is yet, another crew Bible, in mini version

And how I wish I was on the MH 0004 flight

And this was the meal (if I'm not mistaken, Chicken Fritatta and Singapore Bee Hoon)
How come I see no Ferrero Rocher inside?

Very the sedap I'm telling you (at least to my tastebuds la kan...) be continued

ps: I wish I was so rajin to type more

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lipton Milk Tea Happy Happy Joy Joy

Short Talk:

I received a text message from my new colleague, Ms. R Khan, this morning saying something like this
" MAS has just won the WORLD's BEST CABIN STAFF for sixth year this year. Congratulations!".
You know....I was still in bed at that time. And I am a very particular guy when someone contacted me when I am in bed, be just an SMS or a phone call. BUT.....with that GREAT news.....nak hangin pon tak jadi! Instead, I edited her message, and sent it to the whole wide world!

Boy, I am very pleased with the news. The award means a lot to me. I may be new to the company/industry, but when you are apart of it, the feeling is just, err how do I say.....mindblowing! Yes, exactly!

I still remember, when I was still living in Melaka, I keep reading this every morning. I was a student at that time. Haraaappp sangat good comments yang appear every morning. There was a sense of pride when we read the good ones.

You may want to read more here:
Bangganye.....Malaysia Boleh, kan?


Good day,

I am not sure if you still remember the free iPod I was telling you not so long ago. And here you are, the photos taken at the event.

It was held at Lot 10, on a Saturday morning ;|

The day before, I saw this advertisement.

The idea is simple. I had to circle the 'hidden' Ipod on the paper,
and show 'em the packaging of the new product by Lipton

Being a kiasu one, I participated. Sanggup pegi beli bende tu tengah² malam ni.

And I arrived quite earl that day. This pic below was taken about 30 mins after my arrival.

And I q'd.

And guess what? When the organizer was about to circulate the free iPod, the so-called 'manusia' told me this
'Oi buddy, your q starts from the other end'

I was like WTF?? Man, I was standing there beside the fella for more than an hour, and now only he told me that?

That was the end of it laa.... Fullstop.

But still....I got a small cup of hot tea! ;)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wuteva Entry....

Scenes around town.

1) This foreign couple was busy munching the sunflower seeds in the train.
And the seats were then very messy with the

2) True! Make was a crime--the least we could do.

3) Bye Bye gym bag. You worn out akhirnya....

U know u love me, xoxo

9th Multimedia University Convocation Day Pt. 5

Short Talk:

My graduation day as a crew was a successful event. Everyone attended was happy. All the hard work paid.
I am just not sure how soon or when will I get to fly with my fellow batch mates. But I certainly look forward to seeing them again.
Millions of TQs to Malaysia Airlines for the opportunity. I learned a lot during the almost-4-months training period.

Anyway, I have uploaded the 3 videos played during the ceremony held yesterday at Malaysia Airlines Academy in Kelana Jaya.
You may check them
here, AND
here, AND

Please leave some comments too, if possible ;)

Much Love,


Lastly, the very final 'report' of The 9th MMU Convocation Day.

Showcasing the uni, Multimedia University to the world ;)

Please click on the photo if you wish to enlarge and read the info. TQ

U know u love me, xoxo

9th Multimedia University Convocation Day Pt. 4

Good day everyone.

How is your Monday so far? Mine is a quiet one.

I am working for almost a week due to my Cabin Crew graduation this Wednesday. Provided anyone of you free and have no plans for this Wednesday, feel free to head to Malaysia Airlines Academy located at Kelana Jaya for the graduation ceremony. The event will start at 1430 hours. I bet most of the readers out there have no idea how the graduation for cabin crew will be like, heh?

It is a medium-scale event. Dato' Idris Jala, the super-genius Managing Director will prolly be there. Apart from that, I will be giving out speech on behalf of my batch. And the fun thing is, you may want to see lotsa performances by the crew itself!

Datang jangan tak datang, OK?

Anyway, this entry is the continuation part of the previous entry.

During the Convocation day, my friends and I did participate in the studio photography session, for the sake of so called 'memorabilia'.

The idea is simple. We had to pay a certain amount of money for the photo shoot, since the fees is not covered for the graduation and do the casual pose! I mean casual, no skema2 portaiture.

Babe, u stand there...I stand here, and you do the cheeky look. Ha!

Prison Break berangan.

Ah.....I see striped undies.

And the result!


U know u love me, xoxo

9th Multimedia University Convocation Day Pt. 3

O yeah, it is yet another part of the Convocation Day.....which was held last year.

Malas nak taip.

Wait! I think I know the middle girl....look at the last photo below.

Dear Mohai, why la ko ni macam perempuan yang tak macam perempuan.

Haa.....I think she was the one yang berangan dok atas kerusi tu time Miss MMU 2005 dulu when dia actually first runner up je... ha! be continued

9th Multimedia University Convocation Day Pt. 2

Yet this is another entry of the uni convocation day. ;)
More photos....

Sporting kan satu family skali...

The Software Engineering prisoner

Oh Iqbal....where art thou? be continued


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