Tuesday, March 03, 2009

9th Multimedia University Convocation Day Pt. 1

This is yet another 'history' to be told by me.

The event was held looooong time ago, dated in Aug 2008. Heh. Blame me for the delay.

The truth is, it was just not my graduation, just yet. It was my friends' graduation. I still remember, I was still working with NAM at that time, and out of sudden, Mohai, a good ol' friend of mine called me and invited to join her for the ceremony. I was not really sure if that was a good idea.
She eventually managed to convince me and *voila~ she then kinda 'kidnapped' me from my work place. Crazy lah!

Anyway, the photos:

Ha....look what's on my hand. My old camera! Aiyo....

Signature smile. Ntah sape² yang grad pon tak tau la...

Aiyo....you got my respect la bro. An OKU who also earned his degree. Brilliant young man, he is.

Apai...ko keje mane now? Why senyap je?

Din, next time, bile ko nak fly to Kampala, pls contact this guy.
He we was the one I was telling you who live in Kampala.

The one in the middle was my partner for my Final Year Project (FYP) before.
Aiyo...very rock headed la this fella. Maki camne sbb tak buat keje pon dia still mcm tu.

....to be continued.


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