Monday, March 23, 2009

Lipton Milk Tea Happy Happy Joy Joy

Short Talk:

I received a text message from my new colleague, Ms. R Khan, this morning saying something like this
" MAS has just won the WORLD's BEST CABIN STAFF for sixth year this year. Congratulations!".
You know....I was still in bed at that time. And I am a very particular guy when someone contacted me when I am in bed, be just an SMS or a phone call. BUT.....with that GREAT news.....nak hangin pon tak jadi! Instead, I edited her message, and sent it to the whole wide world!

Boy, I am very pleased with the news. The award means a lot to me. I may be new to the company/industry, but when you are apart of it, the feeling is just, err how do I say.....mindblowing! Yes, exactly!

I still remember, when I was still living in Melaka, I keep reading this every morning. I was a student at that time. Haraaappp sangat good comments yang appear every morning. There was a sense of pride when we read the good ones.

You may want to read more here:
Bangganye.....Malaysia Boleh, kan?


Good day,

I am not sure if you still remember the free iPod I was telling you not so long ago. And here you are, the photos taken at the event.

It was held at Lot 10, on a Saturday morning ;|

The day before, I saw this advertisement.

The idea is simple. I had to circle the 'hidden' Ipod on the paper,
and show 'em the packaging of the new product by Lipton

Being a kiasu one, I participated. Sanggup pegi beli bende tu tengah² malam ni.

And I arrived quite earl that day. This pic below was taken about 30 mins after my arrival.

And I q'd.

And guess what? When the organizer was about to circulate the free iPod, the so-called 'manusia' told me this
'Oi buddy, your q starts from the other end'

I was like WTF?? Man, I was standing there beside the fella for more than an hour, and now only he told me that?

That was the end of it laa.... Fullstop.

But still....I got a small cup of hot tea! ;)


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