Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Crew Flight Pt.1

Good day everyone,

To celebrate the 2009 Skytrax's World's Best Cabin Crew award that was presented to the company I work for (mind you, for the 6th time), let me share with you some of the photos taken during my first flight as a crew.

Well, I guess I did mention in my previous entry that I was flying to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (IATA: PNH, REP), both in Cambodia, for my first flight and here you go....

I had not move out from parents' yet at that time,
so pick up service xde, hence I had to take the train .......

...and was I lucky to get the crew price for the ticket ;)

I arrived at the train station very early actually, provided my departure was at 1155 a.m

And since I am new, I will need to carry this around till I hafal all the notes inside.
This is yet, another crew Bible, in mini version

And how I wish I was on the MH 0004 flight

And this was the meal (if I'm not mistaken, Chicken Fritatta and Singapore Bee Hoon)
How come I see no Ferrero Rocher inside?

Very the sedap I'm telling you (at least to my tastebuds la kan...) be continued

ps: I wish I was so rajin to type more


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