Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kuala Lumpur's Central Market

Dulu dan sekarang.....tak ada banyak beza kan yang side ni?

Yet, I paid another visit to Central Market located in town.

But was not the most recent visit, but heck it was last year's. I was still working at NAM at that time.

CM was a wet market in its heyday. And this is how it looked like.

Seriously tho, do you really think they should showcase/sell the above mask?
Sooo...not Malaysia la!


Oh Jonker Walk-alike!

Yet another not so Malaysian stuffs. This is not Ubud.

Ada lagi ke orang collect bende alah ni?

Haa......lagi satu! Sooo tak kene jual bende atas ni kat CM.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: I'm off to KK this Thurs. Looking forward to it. My very first trip to the state in my entire life. Was at Miri the other day. I enjoyed my stay there. Very quiet city. Very me. Ha! :)

'Cheap Sale'

'Cheap Sale' means there will be more pax/full load, we gonna work like crazy, and even a minor mistake will make the LS screaaaaammm. Ha!

Oh cepatlah kau datang B-738

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: I lost my 4 y.o baby--my digital IXUS 700! How the h**l can I be so careless and lost the camera? Now, the question is, how on earth can I update my blog when there is no new photos to show(?). Shyt things happened! I am so miserable now. The camera is my soul, it is my whole LIFE. I am so empty without the camera! And I am soooo broke to buy a new one. HELP!

2007 Rodale's Men's Health Refine & Define Challenge

Dear Diary,

It's been loooooong....for me to get the photos from the organizer, Men's Health.
The photos taken during the MH Refine & Define Challenge 2007. Yes, precisely 2 years ago!

I was one of the participant in the challenge.

First Aid

Driving (and Drift) Class

Grooming Class

Oh in love with you!

Hair Grooming Class
Even though I was bald headed, I dapat the Best Hair Groomed award. :)

Fashion Class
I also menang this one--Most Stylish Award :)

Fine Watch Appreciation Class

Last but not least....

The Final Party

Happy weekend!

l'eau minerale Evian, JPG Special Edition

Still can't believe myself that I was willing to spend a fortune for this mineral water!

Evian by JPG.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jan & Feb 2008 Read (contd.)

March 2009 will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned ;) ha!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year Malls Deco

Dear diary,

I am tapping this from a cyber cafe close to my new habitat, which is not far from KL downtown. It has been a very hectic and tiring day today. First, I was in Borneo, then flew to north of Malaysia for work. Fun job that I have, neh?

Anyway, below are some of the snapshots that I managed to take during the Chinese New Year earlier this year. I myself did not go out much, during the 2-days off, so tak banyaklah gambar yang diambik...;p

The Curve

Where else? Pavilion la...

Suria KLCC

And last but certainly not least, the photo taken at KL's very own Chinatown.

Ta! I am off to bed now ;)


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