Monday, February 09, 2009

Pt 2: I Am A...

Life as a crew can be very busy and demanding. Crazy working hours, stand-bies, etc etc. So in that case, we were taught that we must have a balance lifestyle. You know what I mean la kan?

And I guess I dont need to explain more on this, do I? ;)

And these photos below are just some of the photos to explain the above statement.

We dance, we act, we sing and more. They say, we are jack of all trades, master of none.

Menari tak hengat....2nd from Left to everyday pon over macam tu.

And of course, anywhere u go pon mesti ade jack-ass. Haha

And not to forget those who like to kipas the jalans

And yet, we are serious when we're in the business.

Safety-wise, we must know everything from A to Z. Where on earth would u find an exam with either 90 or 100% of passing marks?!

Jangan tak tahu, cabin crew jugak diajar cara nak assist delivery.

There are lots of ups and downs during my time in the academy. I wish I could tell more, but I am bonded to R&R and company policy ;)

And just to show how neat the girls' hair could be.

Croissant, anyone?

Wassup wassup....I was with Amber Chua, people. The other version of Amber Chia. Haha

First Aid class. Yang tudong ijau tu bkan crew la kan. And see how passionate I was...

You will appreciate the crew more if you know how susah our job is, in order for us to earn our living.
The door is certainly super-heavy, OK?! The job is beyond make-ups and looking like dolls.

Ha...rambut crew sejati. Makin hari makin tinggi.

And some scenes in the lab.

Scene 1: Attentive.

Scene 2: After 10 mins. (Mind you, we spend loooong hours looking at the PC)

Scene 3: Bergossip pulaakkk...... Siap makan kuih kapit lagi!

Scene 4: The next day makan melon pulakkkkk....

Fellow colleagues. I will miss you all dearly. We'll meet again on board, ya?!

The makan² time in the academy.... well as our get-together outside the classroom.

Cheers, you know you love me.



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