Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final Day

Good Day Diary,

It is gonna be a very tiring day today. I am still haven't finish with my 'pindah barang' to my new habitat located at Desa Petaling. And guess what? I am depending on the public transportation (LRT and bus and cab) for me to angkut the barangs. Hassles, neh?

And tomorrow, I am off to Hanoi for work. Cant wait!

And below are some of the photos taken at my old work place in Jalan Duta. It was the final day for fellow colleagues and I to serve the agency (remember, I worked for the gov).

There were a bit of dramas here and there.... and the best thing is, I got duit raya, given from my ex-boss. Ha ha! It was close to Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak) at that time.

Imitate Chanel make-up sold at Bazar Ramadhan. Euu....

Also Anna Sui

And wulla! MAC for RM 20 (~USD6)

The view from my ex-boss' room window.

Other servant :)

And of koz la kene ada vain shot of me, kan?

Dear Iwan, how are u these days? Im missing your silly small² thangs you did.

And you know what? That was exactly the first time ever I use the shredder machine. Dah nak abes keje baru dapat pakai.....haish!

See...the drama.

With colleagues from the IT Department.

But, that was all old stories only. I have just started a new chapter in life...

Please pray for the best for my future. Ta!


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