Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Miss ...

Dear Diary,

Last week, I was chatting with a long lost friend. And the very first thing he said to me was, 'Dude, are you free this noon?'.

And I said 'Yeah....wassup?'.

And he replied 'Let's hit the gym at KLCC (Fitness First). I got 2 free 1-Day Pass'.

I said 'Sh**t! That was the gym I went to before'.

Well, basically that is the story lah! How I am dying to work out again in the gym. I just couldnt find the time where and when for me to work out. Yeah, I know, people will always say it is a lame excuse to say it's because of the job that we cant go work out!

But what to do? The tight schedule, crazy working hours (again) et cetera. Boooo....!

Me, when I feel good (and look good too!)

I also got the chance to appear on few commercials (both TV and printed). That was beforeee laah!

And I frequented the beach too!
There was no 'malu' in my dictionary, for me to wear bikini.

Ta duhhh!~

But that was old story la. I tremendously lost my weight, lost my cutting and lost the extra 'Umphh', if I may say the word, ever since I quit going to the gym.

And this is me, taken recently. Aiyoo....very skeleton-alike lah!

I miss the gym. Fullstop


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